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Will Spoon Rings Ever Go Out of Style?

There is legend that the beloved spoon ring has been around since the 17th century. There are tales about servants working in houses and stealing silverware to make bands to give to their loved ones. These rings have a romantic history and carried over their symbolism to the age of peace and love, the ’70s. This tradition of making rings out of spoons hit its peak in the era of bell-bottoms and tie-dye. That era valued simplicity and had a casual style when it came to its fashion, for the spoon ring was meant for them. This way of recycling spoons to make beautiful jewelry was appealing as they rejected mass-made products and valued what they could create with their own hands. Even during this time, the gift of a ring was an expression of love. 

Through the years of different trends, the spoon ring has continued to make a comeback. With a higher demand for these pieces, jewelers have been able to mimic the design and shape of the end of a spoon and will mass-produce the rings. Even though this is convenient for shoppers, an antique ring made from a spoon holds a special place and can usually be found in local antique shops, Etsy, and other small business jewelry shops. The authentic rings tend to be thicker and heavier, as they were cut from a piece of silverware and shaped. The details of this silver piece has been considered a casual style and is an easy way to add accessories to your daily wardrobe. Whether you wear it with comfy clothes or flowy dresses, this antique ring will stand out. 

As fall arrives, the “season of the witch” comes closer, and spoon rings are an adorable touch to any outfit. Pairing a flowy cardigan with these silver accessories will elevate a comfy style and bring a sense of free spirit this autumn. Old photographs of the queen of Bohemian style, Stevie Nicks, featured her decked out in rings, including the infamous spoon ring, as she sported oversized shawls and layers of lace. Her style goes hand in hand with the hippie fashion that came with the ’70s and pairs almost too nicely with the accent of a spoon ring. 

Will these rings ever go out of style? That is up to those spearheading today’s looks to decide. But, as this accessory has been a continuous trend, there is a special place for these beautiful pieces and we will continue to see it in everyday fashion. 

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