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What is Athens wearing this month? -February 2019

What is currently trending here in Athens? The current trends and fads are being broadcast everywhere we turn. But what are people really wearing? What is really trending on the streets? What styles are we sporting here in Athens? I wanted to find out. I took a nice long walk in the sunshine to see what is in style. I ventured all around campus and saw some magnificent looks! If you saw some weird girl staring at your shoes…that was probably me! I am here to share with you the styles that are popping here in Athens!

These are the four themes I saw the most!

Fluffy & Cozy

I saw so many people fighting against the cold weather with lots of fuzzy and furry pieces! I saw so many UGG moccasins, sherpa coats and duck boots. Comfy and cute…my kind of look!

Grungy Kicks

Grungy sneakers are everywhere! I saw so many pairs of clunky sneakers, black vans and lots of Converse. I love the edgy vibe! We are a bunch of artsy street kids here in Athens!

Sporty Spice

Many people dress sporty for class! I love it! I saw lots of Adidas tennis shoes, big sweatshirts and track pants. I love this trend! It’s an easy way to look cute and put together, but also super comfy!

Bold Colors

Who doesn’t love a pop of color!? Something that was definitely trending was bright bold colors! Everywhere I looked I saw a bright pop! Whether it was a puffy coat, a beanie, sneakers or bright pants…Athens is showing off their colorfulness! I love it!

All photos are from Unsplash Photos🙂 xo

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