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Three Ways to Avoid End-Of-Winter Cabin Fever

I, like so many others, look forward to a new season that is full of new trends and exciting changes. As much as I love the winter vibe filled with sweaters, hot tea, and fun movie nights, it definitely lends to the possibility of cabin fever. Too much repetition can get old and that’s why, by the end of a season, we long for a change in weather and, in general, a change in pace for our lives. Despite this inevitable reluctance to stay stuck in the motions of cold weather, I have some tricks to help you stick out the rest of the winter and avoid cabin fever.

1. The first and most obvious option is to surround yourself with people who make you forget about the weather. Socialize, have fun, and laugh. It’s so fun to get with a group of friends or family, forget about work, homework, and stress to just have a good time. Go out and grab dinner, go window-shopping, watch a movie, go ice skating; the options are endless.

2. Go for a walk or go to the gym. As redundant as it may sound, movement helps us avoid the cabin fever feeling. It’s not only a great way to fill the time, but working out is super rewarding. Forget about the cold that chills to the bone and get moving! Your body will get that rejuvenated feeling and you may even develop a new (and healthy) habit.

3. Lastly, pick up a fun hobby. Try something new you’ve never tried like water-color painting or DIY decorating. There are so many cute little crafts you can Pinterest to pass the time. Try painting your nails with fun designs, making your own skincare products (like soaps, lotions, and toners), or painting small canvases for your room.

These a just a few short and sweet options to liven up your life at the end of this season. Don’t let the dullness get to you. Spring and summer are just around the corner, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment you’re in now.

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