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the Cheetah vs. the Leopard

BObviously there is a difference between a cheetah and a leopard, but their coat patterns have been frequently confused in fashion lately. Cheetah print is made up of small black spots and leopard print consists of what are referred to as rosettes, which are rose-like shapes with a lighter color in the center. Regardless of which pattern you choose they are so stylish right now. Patterns in general are a simple way to spice up an outfit. I just recently starting investing in cheetah and leopard prints, but I’ve already accumulated so much. The outfits below include some of my favorite pieces, but I also love my cheetah sweater because it’s easy to throw on with jeans and a white tee.

Without the hat, this outfit is still a nice combination of materials and neutral colors, but the hat adds an interesting focal point.
Image by Riley Williams Photography
Jeans and a black shirt wouldn’t look as fun as the cheetah pants do in this outfit!
Image by Riley Williams Photography
This collared button down complimented my vintage jeans so nicely for a casual yet stylish look.

Although animal prints were a fresh trend last fall, I think they are a timeless trend. I like incorporating nature into my style, and animal prints are an easy way to do that. Regardless of the season you can rock animal prints!

All images found on Pinterest.

No matter which item in your outfit is cheetah or leopard print, it’s going to step your outfit game up a notch. I think my next printed purchase will be some accessories. I’m loving the scruniche and the socks! I encourage everyone to try out this trend; it’ll make you feel so sassy, and who doesn’t want that!

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