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Roll Out Your Stress

Photos By: Emma Friend

Ever watched a Vogue “Beauty Secrets” video? Anyone who has, probably has seen a celebrity raving about the benefits of Gua Sha and jade facial rollers. 

With the ever-expanding beauty community, there is always something new. There is always something hot on the market that every brand seems to want to get in on. It would seem that Gua Sha is just another trend to an outsider, but the truth is, Gua Sha has been around for hundreds of years, with its current uses originating in Chinese Medicine and its earliest form dating back to the stone age. Back then, stones aided in massaging and alleviating pain. While this is not what Gua Sha is mostly used for now, still, it is a part of Gua Sha’s long medicinal history. 

Jade rollers also find their origins in Chinese Medicine, with Gua Sha and jade rollers frequently being used in tandem. Gua Sha relieves tension, helps with reducing fine lines, and helps facial contouring. An additional effect is that it can help regulate lymphatic drainage in the face and neck or wherever applied. Jade rollers mostly notably help with facial puffiness and brighten the complexion of its user. 

Facial rollers and Gua Sha are most frequently associated with being made of jade because of jade’s natural cooling properties, with amethyst and quartz also being commonly used stones. 

The first step of any quality skincare routine is to go in with a cleanser. To receive the best results when using facial depuffing products, use facial oils and heavy moisturizers. This will give the skin some slip to aid the roller and Gua Sha. This will help them do their job without tugging at the skin, which could reduce the positive effect and create premature wrinkles and fine lines. 

Next, look at the guide provided to see the recommended spots for facial rolling. Now, let the roller do its job and roll away puffiness, and help the products absorb into the skin. For a two-sided roller, the small side is for smaller, hard-to-reach areas and specifically designed for the under-eye area. The larger is for all other preferred areas for rolling. 

After using the jade roller it is time for the Gua Sha, again following the guide provided. Something extremely important to note is that the Gua Sha should always be moving upward on the face and neck to help aid in fluid drainage and natural facial contouring. Moving down frequently tugs at the skin, which, as mentioned prior, is something important to avoid. Gua Sha can take some getting used to, especially with the different sides and different types of Gua Sha one may possess. The many types may work differently from person-to-person, as face shapes differ. Do not worry or give up, as Gua Sha is something that takes time for results to show and finding what works for the individual.

Lastly, have fun and relax. Self-care should reduce stress, and it is important to take time to do so. You deserve it.

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