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Rant/Rave: Which Ohio University Green is the Best?

College Gate, Summer, Campus Beauty


By: Abby Blose

It is no surprise that all of Ohio University is beautiful, but nothing will compare to the warm welcome of West Green. West encompasses the true meaning of feeling at home. The atmosphere does not compare to any other green on campus. 

The residence halls form a “U” shape, providing comfort and a sense of safety. The tunnel under the Richland Avenue bridge allows students to travel to and from Baker Center and other areas of campus rather quickly. And, at night, the lights within the tunnel produce a waterfall of color that flows outward, creating an alluring display. 

The green space on West allows for many leisurely activities, from football to picnics to movie nights, even for those who are not residents. And of course, the addition of a tent with picnic tables allows students to escape their dorm, apartment, or home and embrace fresh air without being rained on. 

But above all, West Green is home to the best dining hall on campus: The District on West Green, aka Boyd. If one lives on West Green, they are just a short walk away from the fresh feast. But let us be real; if someone does not live on West, the food is worth the hike, and every upperclassman without a meal plan loves to be swiped in. 

Unlike other Ohio U greens, West exhibits peace and zen, secluded in its own little corner. West is the ideal balance of everything: accessibility, comfort, and convenience. There is no argument that West Green is by far the best green on Ohio University grounds.


By: Katie Millard

At the bottom of Jeff Hill lies Ohio University’s premier oasis. Lush and quiet, even deer seem to prefer the prettiest part of campus: East Green.

They say, “the more the merrier,” and East Green rose to the challenge. East offers more living opportunities than any other green, with 14 residence halls. It also has more experiential living opportunities, with the Women’s Leadership and Substance Free Living Opportunities, Honors Halls, and the Fine Arts Residential Learning Community, ensuring a diverse array of students on East. Quantity may not always equal quality, but it is certainly a plus.

The Green is also beautiful, with architecture straight out of a college movie. East has its own private green spaces and benches, and the surrounding hills ensure it has the best weather on campus. In warmer months, Jeff Hill provides shade for better temperature control, and in colder months, it blocks out the wind. It feels quaint and peaceful, and East Green Drive, lined with trees, is stunning. 

OK, yes, there is no dining hall. However, it is incredibly close to Nelson Court, and East Green has Jefferson Marketplace, the far superior market on campus. A coffee shop, a sandwich eatery, a juice bar, and the Veggie Butcher all reside in Jeff Market, nestled among a vast selection of groceries. One can even get T-shirts and little plants — it is both adorable and convenient. 

Nestled at the bottom of Jeff Hill, East Green also ensures comfortable walks uptown. People on East have the best legs on campus, thanks to all the uphill and downhill walking they do. Plus, Chris Evans is an ass man, so hills are never a negative.

Living on East is just special. The architecture and landscaping are beautiful, it is private and well-populated, and the hills are honestly advantages for weather and beautiful walks. There is a reason the sun rises in the East, and (besides for scientific purposes) it is so it can gaze over East Green — the best green — first.


By Cristina Formichelli

Ah, to wake up in my Back South dorm room to the tolls of Wray House’s bell tower. Back South is for lovers; lovers of autumn leaves, cherry blossoms, and peace and quiet. New South halls are the place to be sophomore year, and the Front Four buzz with freshmen excitement year-round. The proximity to Nelson Court is undeniably sweet, and the volleyball courts, basketball courts, and skate park make for a beautiful spot to hang out and make friends. South Greeners rarely have to climb Jeff Hill, which is definitely a huge win. Plus, my assumption is that few readers know of the Environmental and Plant Biology Greenhouse and that area’s well-kept secrets. 

While mod-style housing falls brick by brick, a select few elite students at Ohio University know what it is like to meet their best friends and fall in love with their “modmates,” bonding over zero air conditioning, terrible furniture in a mod living room they decorate and call their own, and the zig-zagging catwalks that shelter all who walk beneath them from wind, rain, and snow. I know I am fighting a losing battle here, but that is OK; South Greeners know the value South Green possesses, and that is just fine with us.


By: Riley Runnells

Every university has one: the main green where everyone can hang out. On that green, people sit and do homework, lounge on hammocks, play frisbee, have picnics, or just relax and people watch. On Ohio University’s campus, that green is College Green, which resides in the middle of campus. It is something students and community members see every day when going uptown for a meal, going to class, or just driving through campus. 

College Green is the first place I went to when I visited Ohio U for the first time. My parents and I took pictures in the various gateways, ate lunch on the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and people-watched while discussing whether or not I wanted to attend Ohio U. College Green is where I had my first hangout with my new college friends, where we got to know each other, and where we ate dinner together. And, College Green is going to be where I take my final pictures on the day I graduate. 

It is a sentimental place. Not even thinking about all the fun that can be had or the authenticity of a college campus found there, College Green is home to many traditions and historic places at Ohio U. The Kissing Circle, where lovers can go and share a nice moment together, is at the heart of the green. The first buildings Ohio U ever had are on College Green. Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium, where students and community members can go to see shows and concerts, is on College Green. Aside from being a hub for students to relax and hang out, it is also the ideal photo op location.

College Green holds a lot of sentimental value to me, but that value carries over to the rest of campus too. Without College Green, Ohio U would not be the same. That is why it deserves all the praise as the best green on campus.