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Rant/Rave: Crocs


By: Kayla Bennett

Crocs have unfortunately become a comeback accessory in recent years. Not only are there better alternatives to Crocs, but they are nothing more than a worn-out children’s shoe. Alternatives to Crocs include cozy slides or platform foam sandals. Crocs are obnoxiously bulky, and quite frankly do not go with anything. They make any outfit instantly look lazy – they are a joke. Although Crocs may seem comfortable, they can become extremely uncomfortable after five minutes. Plus, they cause feet to sweat. Crocs are too expensive for the little-to-no fashion they give. Blessed with the nickname “ugly clogs,” Crocs are not bringing anything to any outfit but disappointment. The shoes should have left with the early 2000s. Honestly, it is the one trend that should never have come back. Crocs as a brand let the fame go to its head and released platform clogs, which should have never been an idea in the first place. Crocs are not it, and never will be.


By: Corrin Switzer

I think Crocs are a very cool and fun way to elevate any wardrobe. They are super comfy and work in all different kinds of conditions; there are NOT going to be any wet socks or feet because of their awesome material. The strap on the back of them can be put behind the ankle for extra security, or move them up to the top of the shoe for a more casual vibe. I think the style itself is super cute because they can even be individualized and accessorized with different colors and Jibbitz as desired. I wear my Crocs in all different kinds of conditions, and they have never let me down. Whether it is a stroll to class or a hike up to Radar Hill, the comfort and durability are huge whenever I am working or walking around all day.  All around, I think Crocs are really cool and I am so glad that they are once again trending.