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Joe Burrow

Photo By: Cory Towe

Since the beginning of his time in the spotlight, Joe Burrow has been nothing short of charming and intriguing. Burrow, The Plains’ born-and-raised football star, found his claim to fame as the starting quarterback for Louisiana State University in 2018, where he transferred from Ohio State University to pursue a more rigorous playing field. Since his time playing for the LSU Tigers, Burrow has only become more popular among college students and football lovers alike. People love him for not only his talent shown playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, but his personality, generosity, and style. 

Burrow’s style consists of a great deal of athletic wear, considering he spends much time on the field. During the 2020 NFL season, Joe chose the Athens County Food Pantry for his “My Cleats My Cause” design. “My Cleats My Cause” is a charitable event for which each NFL athlete chooses a philanthropy of their choice to showcase in a design on their cleats before they sell at the NFL Auction, where 100% of the proceeds go to the player’s foundation of choice. Burrow’s was a design created by Nikki Bean, a student from the Athens City School District, who submitted her design in a contest. Unfortunately, Burrow was not able to wear his cleats due to a season-ending injury, but he was still able to raise awareness for families affected by hunger in the Athens community.  

Gameday fits are a big part of recent marketing for the Bengals. The Hellman Retail Group, the group responsible for Burrow’s tailoring, stated in a release about him that he is very involved in the process of selecting his outfits, from the patterns down to the lining. He stays true to himself and chooses his style based on his true, authentic self – never trying to be someone he is not. From his well-known green, metallic-checkered suit paired with multi-colored Nike sneakers to the classic gray suit with matching Spongebob handkerchief and Vans, he is constantly showing the world that no matter where fame takes him, he will always be Joe Burrow. 

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