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After graduating from Ohio University in 2017, Cierra Boyd quickly put her retail merchandising and fashion product development degree to use. In that same year, she launched her luxury fashion brand, FRISKMEGOOD. FRISKMEGOOD is Boyd’s ingenious brainchild, and handmade futuristic corsets made out of upcycled sneakers are its bread and butter. To date, publications such as Vogue Mexico and NYLON Magazine have featured the brand, and celebrities like Dream Doll and Dreezy have rocked its products.

“I made [the sneaker corset] for the first time for a design competition, and one of my challenges was to create a piece without using any fabric,” Boyd said in a 2020 interview with METCHA

Boyd wanted to work with sneakers after watching a video by VICE about a man who uses them to make gas masks. The corset Boyd handcrafted for the design competition was made out of a pair of thrifted black Nikes, tricked out with chains and spikes. Her piece won second place and sold immediately when listed for sale on Depop. From there, her brand took off.

The Cleveland-based creative told Hypebae she chooses to upcycle garments and footwear when designing because she believes “sustainability is the future of fashion.”

While upcycling, or revamping, resources that already exist, “is way less wasteful and more cost-effective,” it also gives her “the opportunity to create art that is truly one-of-a-kind.” Boyd sources the shoes for her designs from her attic, thrift stores, and, recently, a place in Cleveland that has deadstock sneakers, according to her March interview with The Verge.

FRISKMEGOOD does not just make sneaker corsets, though. In October, Boyd presented her debut collection with LA Fashion Week, taking her “sustainable streetwear” to the runway. The sold-out show was colorful and exciting, with an inclusive cast of models strutting confidently to a vibrant playlist. The collection included bodysuits, dresses, “chap sets,” bikini sets, clutch purses, and trench coats. Boyd used not just sneakers to create those looks, but also basketballs and vinyl. She crafted the finale “FMG Swan Lake Dress” out of leftover insoles.

What is great about FRISKMEGOOD is that its clothes are totally attainable. For sale on both Depop and the brand’s official website, college students can purchase a sustainable item in their price range. Whether one chooses a tube top made from a retro sweater on Depop, or a custom corset made out of their own pair of sneakers on the shop website, anyone can order and serve a Frisky ‘fit.

To channel the brand’s signature sexy-cool mood using clothes already owned, pair a lace-up corset with matching biker shorts. Add accessories as desired, and finish it all off with a pair of killer kicks.

When Boyd attended Ohio U, she was a founder of The Scene Magazine, now known as Variant. It is truly amazing to see how far she has come in the fashion world. The fashion industry may have recently caught on to the value of sustainable fashion, but Boyd has been doing the work with her sustainable luxury streetwear brand for years. 

“I hope this year I can find more innovative ways to create fashion,” Boyd told The Verge. “I just want to change the way people think when it comes to sustainability. … It can be high fashion and it can be luxury.”

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