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Dr. Eddith A. Dashiell

Photo By: Bre Severns

Dr. Eddith A. Dashiell, known adoringly by students as Dr. D, is a woman who has collected many titles over the years. She was a broadcast journalist for seven years before coming to Ohio University and has since served as associate director for undergraduate studies, director of studies of the journalism program in the Honors Tutorial College, and associate dean for Scripps College of Communication graduate programs, to name a few. She is currently the director of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. Aside from Dr. D’s incredibly impressive 28 years at Ohio U, there is one thing she is known for among students: her favorite color, purple.

Her outfits and accompanying accessories consistently incorporate the color. When classes were entirely virtual, she even used headphones that were purple. For further proof, feel free to take a look at her faculty photo on Ohio U’s website

Dr. D’s style is business professional, including an array of midi dresses and varying combinations of slacks and tops. Formal jackets and cardigans are among outerwear items like her long winter coat and earmuffs to protect from the cold. She is also seen donning a purple face mask, whether it is disposable or a reusable Ohio University-themed one. Scarves and necklaces tend to be her preferred accessories, but her purple lanyard that has “Ohio University” on it is always present. 

On the handful of days that Dr. D is not wearing purple, it can feel like something is missing when she is seen around campus or in class. Never fear, though: she will always have her trusted purple pen, and the color is present all throughout her other office supplies and throughout her workspaces. 

Dr. D’s incorporation of her favorite color into her wardrobe is something students love and look forward to seeing. Despite that, though, seeing what combination of violet, plum, lavender, and other various types of purple she has put together on any given day, is always a source of joy.

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