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Dating Casually in Your 20s Is Supposed to Be Fun

Featured Image: Photo by Good Faces Agency on Unsplash

Your 20s are the time to experiment, see what and who you like, and discover your dislikes. What better time to jump into casual dating than this summer?

By Emma Dollenmayer

Lately, it seems as if relationships have become a taboo idea. Yes, one may see a happy (or toxic) couple here and there. But, in college especially, most people seem to stray from authentic, committed relationships and stick to what they know: “situationships,” casual hookups, and the dreaded “talking phase.” 

This could all be a result of a changing culture. People nowadays often have unrealistically high expectations of what they are looking for in a partner because social media has made perfection appear attainable, despite perfection being nearly impossible, even for those who promote it. Or, it could also simply be that people are now taking more time to focus on themselves and not a partner, which is okay. 

Though, for those in their 20s, it is undeniably the best time to experiment with dating. One can take the time to see what and who they like and discover their dislikes. What better time to jump into casual dating than this summer? Honestly, who doesn’t romanticize a summer fling? 

Many people in their 20s have yet to go on an “actual” date and frequently wait until they have found someone they genuinely care for to go on one with. But, initially, dating is supposed to be casual, and even nerve-racking. So, don’t hesitate to go on that date with the person you just met — as long as they seem safe and genuine, of course. 

Depending on one’s geographical location this summer, dating apps can be surprisingly both useful and profitable. One can use dating apps not only to meet a romantic interest but also to meet a new friend. 

Many in their 20s find themselves in a new place for the summer season, whether for vacation, work, or otherwise. That makes it even easier to casually date because one does not have to be fearful of running into — or swiping on — someone they already know. The mindset of “What do I have to lose?” is unarguably applicable, as it proves to be true. As long as one is safe, cautious, and smart, there is no real loss and only the possibility of a potential gain. 

Therefore, this summer, make it a goal to grab drinks every other week with someone new, or grab appetizers and pizza with a Hinge or Bumble match. The time leading up to the date may be anxiety-filled, and one may ask themself, “Why did I agree to this?” But, when all is said and done, if anything, the main character took a pivotal step toward adulthood, and a new romantic interest may have become a recurring character in the plot. 

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