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Youtubers for 4-Type Hair

It’s hard to know what works for your hair right off the bat, but if you know what hair type you have, figuring it out gets easier. There are YouTubers who share their hair journeys, the products they use, and alternative hairstyles they do to help the health or growth of their hair. If you fall under 4-type hair, here are a few YouTubers I recommend you check out.



4A: tightly coiled and has a well-defined “S” shaped pattern when stretched.

Dez Naomi: She’s adorable. She has videos that compare different hair products, different ways to style your hair, and the progress she’s made in her hair growth journey. She also has videos unrelated to hair. She has skincare-related videos, challenge videos featuring her boyfriend, and videos of her answering questions about herself or showing what’s going on in her life.



4B: more shrinkage and less defined curls than 4A hair, and has a “Z” shaped pattern.

Ambrosia Malbrough: She’s informative. She shows step-by-step what she does and shows the products she uses. Also, she shows different hairstyles that can be done on this type of hair. She has videos unrelated to hair as well. Other videos offered on her channel include topics on motherhood, minimalist living, and giving motivational or life advice.



4C: more shrinkage and less defined curls than 4B hair, and has a “Z” shaped pattern.

Chizi Duru: She’s hilarious. She tests different products and hairstyles other YouTubers do to see if it would work on 4C hair. She also has “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) videos, vlogs, and college advice videos.


I hope these YouTubers help you figure out what products work best for your hair, learn new hairstyles, and get greater love for your hair type. Stay beautiful!

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