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YouTubers for 3-Type Hair

It’s hard to know what works for your hair right off the bat, but if you know what hair type you have, figuring it out gets easier. There are YouTubers who share their hair journeys, the products they use, and alternative hairstyles they do to help the health or growth of their hair. If you fall under 3-type hair, here are a few YouTubers I recommend you check out.



3A: Big, loose curls that tend to be shiny with a well-defined “S” shape. This hair type has curls with the circumference of thick sidewalk chalk.

Rika Adorn: She’s well-spoken. She describes herself as being between 3A and 3B. She has curly hair tutorials as well as tutorials and reviews on wigs. On her channel, she also posts try-on hauls, vlogs, makeup tutorials, and more.



3B: Ringlet to corkscrew curls that are denser and coarser than 3A hair. This hair type has curls the circumference of a normal sized Sharpie marker.

Nathi: She’s straightforward. The majority of her videos are less than six minutes long. She shows different curly updos you can do, DIY hair masks and her own curly hair journey. She has some videos on lifestyle and music as well. She’s an artist, so she posts her music videos on the same channel.



3C: Curly/coily hair that tend to be coarser, denser, and have more shrinkage than 3A and 3B hair. This hair type also has “S” shaped curls, but have the circumference of an average pencil or straw.

Luhhsetty: She’s honest. She always has high quality videos and tries to give as many hair tricks and tips as she can with her naturally curly hair. She’s not afraid to talk about hygiene and embarrassing moments she’s had in her life. She also has videos consisting of vlogs, beauty tips, Get Ready With Mes (GRWM), Girl Talks, and more.


I hope these YouTubers help you figure out what products work best for your hair, learn new hairstyles, and get greater love for your hair type. Stay beautiful!

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