Yoga at Home

Finding time in your schedule to register for a class, remembering to bring all your yoga gear, squeezing your mat into a tiny space amid the sweaty crowd–sometimes going to a yoga class can be less than a peaceful experience. The answer: do it at home.

Yoga has been known for centuries to ease your thoughts, strengthen your body, and improve your overall health. You’ll even hear that it creates harmony between your mind and body. Everyone wants these results, but who has time to go to a studio everyday? It’s no doubt that yoga is one of the most beneficial practices to keep you feeling happy, healthy, and at peace. Doing yoga at home is not ideal, but it can be done quickly and efficiently, and ultimately saves you time, money, and energy. Don’t stress about getting to a yoga studio, or paying for monthly classes–start small (and start free). Because there are so many poses and different kinds of yoga, it’s possible for anyone to start at any time. Once you start and experiment a little, you’ll find out exactly what works for you. Grab a yoga mat, or even a blanket or towel, and try these relaxing, easy poses to get your day started off on the right foot.

  1. Child’s pose– I like this pose because you can feel your muscles at work, but it also is very relaxing. It doesn’t take much skill, but I promise, even doing this three or four times a day, you will feel a difference. Your mind is more aware, anxiety is lower, and you feel more energized. To do child’s pose: 1. Sit comfortably on your knees with your heels touching your rear end. 2. Roll your body forward, placing your arms out in front of you (palms down) and your forehead on the mat. Make sure you can feel the stretch in your lower back. 3. Lower your chest as close to your knees as you comfortably can. 4. Hold and breathe slowly, in and out through your nose.  Related image
  2. Pigeon pose– This pose can really rejuvenate your body even when feeling fatigued. Similar to child’s pose, this pose doesn’t take much skill, and if you do it often enough, can really improve your flexibility. Pigeon pose makes me feel more agile and energized when I do it in the morning. A good stretch always starts the day off on a good note. To do Pigeon Pose: 1. Begin in a planking position. Then, bring one leg up underneath you so that your heel is parallel to the opposite side hip. 2. If you are more flexible, put your body all the way down until your forehead touches the ground, like in child’s pose. If not, you can keep your body upward, like in the picture shown below. 3. Hold and breathe slowly, in and out through the nose. Image result for pigeon pose
  3. Cobra– The Cobra pose is one of my all time favorites because you can feel it working. Similarly to the poses above, this pose is very simple and perfect for beginners. A combination of these three poses before heading off to class, work, or a day of errands will put your mind at peace and leave you ready to tackle the task ahead of you. To do Cobra: 1. Begin facedown with your hands flat on either side of your belly button. 2. Push up, and arch your back with your head titled back toward your feet. Make sure you feel the stretch in your abdomen. 3. Tighten your gluten and back muscles. 4. Hold and breathe slowly, in and out through the nose. Image result for cobra pose