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Writing Your Own Book

Life is simply a self-written book. You choose the main characters, the love interests, the enemies, the plot, and the clothing.

I recently read something on Tumblr that said “Satisfaction in life starts with the main characters around you,” and this idea really got me thinking about what the true meaning of satisfaction is.

Of course, I’m happy with the close friends that I surround myself with, but something about this quote got me thinking deeper. If you think of your life as a self-written book, you’ll always find those recurring characters that turn up when you least expect them to, the love interests that appear, and disappear in your most recent chapter, and the friends that only speak to you when it’s convenient. We have all encountered these characters on our journey through the chapters of life.

But most importantly, we all have those people, the ones that no matter what happens, they will always be main characters in your life.

Think about the episode of Parks and Rec when Leslie Knope is about to commit to Ben Wyatt, only to have her former flame Dave Sanderson come back and be all, “I love you.” As I watched this episode, all I could think was “Oh my gosh, Leslie! Move on. Move forward.” And that’s the thing about life. Sometimes it’s easier to tell others what choices they should make, and when it comes to personal decisions, we tend to shy away. Watching this episode of Parks and Rec made me realize that anyone in my book can come and go as they please.

I’ve allowed my kindness to be mistaken for weakness too often. (Yes, Rihanna is coming in as a background track for my book).

I’ve led others to believe that they can shove pieces of their intentions into my head and leave when it’s just enough for me to try and finish the puzzle on my own. By doing this, I have left myself more confused and apathetic than I ever intended.

I realized that I allow these people, the ones who come and go, to write portions of my own story. By waiting for them to make an appearance, I found myself hesitating to make my own decisions in fear of what they would think.

I’ve allowed my life to be an outcome of waiting on someone else to write their part in MY STORY. It’s time for me to realize that I am the only author, and how this story goes is determined by me, and me alone.

So join me this semester, in my book filled with life lessons, funny anecdotes and Parks and Rec references that I may regret later.

Danielle Donavan

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