What to Wear in the Real World

Even though many of us want to stay in college forever, we can’t hide the fact that we’re all growing up and becoming adults. Being able to wear sweatpants to class will soon come to an end as we venture into the real world of wearing business clothes for jobs and internships.

When I think of business casual, I think of a boring black blazer and dress pants, but the times are changing and there are many options for what you can wear in a business setting. Jeans that were once banned, are now more appropriate as long as they show no wear or tear. Suits and ties were once the norm in a business setting, but those are now saved for more serious events.

Business clothes are a great way for expressing yourself in a work setting. While companies have their own rules and regulations when it comes to what to wear at work, there are still many options that keep the business-clothes shopping, fun. Clothes still need to be clean, pressed and not baring any excess skin, but colors and patterns are important and can help an outfit stand out and show off some personality.

Pairing red pants with grey will give a fresh pop of color in an otherwise monotone work setting. A maroon blazer and striped shirt looks fashion-forward while still being professional. Pairing neutral colors with a few pops of color and patterns will make your outfit more exciting and have you standing out in the best way possible.

Shoes are also important, they should be comfortable and cover most of the foot. Heels are acceptable as long as they have a small heel. Fashion is meant to be fun, even in a business setting, so wear the red plaid blazer and feel empowered and professional while doing it.



(photos provided by Pinterest)