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What is your style? STYLE QUIZ!

Hey there! Ready to find out your personal style? I have found knowing my personal style to be extremely helpful when shopping for new clothes. Your personal style tells more than what you enjoy wearing, it tells who you are and how you strut your stuff! What style best describes you? Find out by answering these simple questions! Spoiler, my personal style is whimsical. Doesn’t surprise me 😉

1. If we opened your closet, what color palette would we mostly see?

  1. basics, such as navy, white, khaki, charcoal, or brown
  2.  black and neutrals
  3.  a rainbow of colors
  4.  earth tones
  5.  black with touches of bold color

2. How would your friends describe you?

  1. traditional and proper
  2.  sharp and direct
  3.  playful and spirited
  4.  relaxed and liberal
  5.  innovative and forward-thinking

3. Given a chance, which would you rather do?

  1. get comfortable in khakis, a collared shirt, and your cutest loafers
  2.  put on a sleek V-neck top and modern-cut pant
  3.  step out in a fun floral dress or bright mixed prints
  4.  throw on a pair of jeans, T-shirt with funky accessories
  5.  grab your favorite jacket with interesting and unusual details to wear with a black pant

4. If someone gave you $500 for clothes, how would you use it?

  1. buy a couple outfits at J.Crew or Banana Republic
  2.  spend it on a cashmere wrap
  3.  splurge on anything that catches your eye
  4.  add to your accessories collection with a slouchy suede bag 
  5.  buy a dress that makes you feel smart and unique

5. When you walk into a crowded room, what would you prefer to do?

  1. blend in
  2. be in control, exude power
  3.  be animated
  4.  seem natural and easygoing
  5.  make a statement

6. When you have the urge (or need) to go shopping, you are more likely to do which of the following?

  1.  purchase practical basics for all seasons
  2.  buy high-quality, smart pieces that are sure to be in style
  3.  get something with a splash of color to brighten your day
  4.  head to the flea market for some great “lived-in” and funky finds
  5.  find that unusual piece to add to your wardrobe that no one else will have

7. What is your go-to coat like? 

  1. straight and sleek 
  2.  sharp and powerful, perhaps boxy
  3.  romantic with a flared princess cut
  4.  an easy and flowy cape
  5.  edgy and asymmetrical 

8. When you flip through pages of fashion magazines, which is most likely to catch your eye?

  1. a Ralph Lauren lifestyle ad
  2.  that little black dress in the “special occasion” section
  3.  stacked bangles
  4.  wide brim hats and denim
  5.  a story on the new designers from Tokyo and Belgium

9. Which of the following best describes the decor of your home?

  1. comfortable and traditional (think Ralph Lauren)
  2.  streamlined, tonal, with clean surfaces (think Tom Ford)
  3.  fun, kitschy, and unorthodox (think Alice in Wonderland)
  4.  lots of rugs, earth tone, and floral prints (think 70s)
  5.  minimalist, architectural, and sculptural (think modernist, futuristic)

10. What is your favorite handbag like? 

  1. a tote with initials (think Goyard)
  2.  a minimalist tote in neutrals (think Celine)
  3.  a leather tote with studs and embellishments, or a pop of color (think
  4. Alaia) a backpack or a worn-in leather bag, perhaps with fringe (think Balenciaga or Chloe)
  5.  a black statement clutch, perhaps with python or alligator skin (think Margiela or Maiyet)


Score: Add up all of the numbers next to the answers you selected. Whatever your score is will tell us a little bit about your personal style! Click on the links to see a fashion guide tailored to your personal style!

10-17| You are CLASSIC.

If you’re CLASSIC, you like simple, clean, and traditional pieces. You like to go for a timeless look because the silhouette and colors hardly change. It’s always ladylike, and classy. Absolutely timeless.

18-26|You are CHIC.

If you are CHIC, your style is defined by a powerful look and sharp lines that seem to come together in an effortless way. It is often monochromatic and combined with bold accessories. You enjoy simplicity while looking fierce.

27-35|You are WHIMSICAL.

Whimsical style is playful and appears to be “thrown together” but is actually a thoughtful combination of lovely colors and patterns. If you’re whimsical, you’re usually young at heart and your look is free-spirited and romantic.

36-42|You are BOHEMIAN.

BOHEMIAM style is relaxed, funky, and incorporates offbeat accessories and usually lots of denim and suede. You are artsy! This look emphasizes natural fabrics and earthy tones. This is the go-to festival style. You enjoy bringing out your inner hippie.

43-50|You are AVANT-GARDE.

 AVANT-GARDE is an ultramodern style that uses fashion as an extension of your creativity. It often seeks to make a dramatic statement. Hey, we love drama here in the fashion world. You like to stretch the boundaries. Typically, the foundation for this wardrobe is black, black, and more black.

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