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We Beat Cabin Fever, and This is How

Settling in on our third week back on campus, the cabin fever was too real. As the days seemed to drag on for what felt like an eternity, we were determined to do just about anything to be outside. 

Taking matters into our own hands, we decided to disconnect from the hectic week that we had and go off the grid. I know what you are thinking, four girls in the woods alone without our cell phones; seems like a recipe for disaster right? Wrong. Taking the time to break away from our persistent schedules and loads of work was actually the best thing we could’ve done for ourselves. Not going to lie, we did start our week off mud sliding (not the best idea when there is still ice on the ground).

So as the weeks continue to drag and the coursework increases, we encourage you to take the time for yourself, whether that be time to start a new hobby or even take time to explore the beautiful city of Athens. Take any chance that you can. The weather may be cold, but the pleasant company of close friends makes almost any experience so much warmer.

The photos that our included with our blog post today are from our hike up Radar Hill this past Friday. I honestly could not tell you how I am typing this post out right now; my hands are still cold. 

Stay warm Bobcats, and remember to take each day one day at a time. 🙂 

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