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Valentine’s Day

Since the dawn of time, or whenever Hallmark decided to capitalize on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day has traditionally been a day to celebrate with your admirer about the love you share. However, as the holiday passes each year, the dreaded taboo of being single no longer frightens the majority, including myself.

Although there are arguments for both having a relationship and being single on Valentine’s Day, there’s something to be said for a group of single people going out and having a good time — ditching the candlelit and expensive dinner in exchange for pizza and drinks. Many people have found comfort in having a boys’ night or getting a group of friends together to catch a movie. Maybe you prefer to just hang out in the comfort of your home and take a bunch of naps. Whatever your alternative plans may be, it still holds true that many people are avoiding the stigma of having to “have a date” on Valentine’s Day and are just enjoying some free time instead.

As a rule of thumb, looking toward the media is never a bad idea to see just how these taboos are beginning to become more acceptable. Parks and Recreation’s lead woman, Leslie Knope, celebrates the day with “Galentine’s Day.” A phrase she coins when a group of girls annually get together and share a meal whether they are in a relationship or not. New Girl’s main character, Jessica Day, celebrates by going out and looking for a fling for all intensive purposes with the help of her wingman, Schmidt. So, the media certainly sheds an interesting light on the situation that is Valentine’s Day.

However, I want to add to those who are in relationships. You should do the candlelit-super-expensive meal, with roses, of course, because that’s important to experience! But to those without a date this year, find an alternative and most importantly, treat yourself, because you’re just as important.

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