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Under the Influence of Succulents

Last weekend, I went to visit my sister in Columbus, and the moment that I arrived, she told me we needed to go succulent shopping. I know, the word makes me laugh too.

Yes, succulents, aka baby plants. Ally and I have an odd obsession with miniature plants, so I couldn’t complain. During the summer when she was making the transition into a new apartment, we visited a few florists and garden shops in search of the perfect succulent holder or pot. We found this adorable golden cube. She needed another succulent to fill, so we took a trip over to Stump, and I fell in love with all the baby plants.

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My mom was always into gardening and incorporating greenery into our household.  Although I haven’t taken on gardening quite yet, I have grown to appreciate the beauty and life that plants bring to living spaces. Whether it’s studying, relaxing in the evening, grabbing coffee or going on dates … if there’s greenery involved, count me in.

Last year, my freshman roommate arrived on move-in day with three baby plants. I asked her what they were and she filled me in on their purpose.

Sunlight“, “window“, “happiness”  were the few words that I absorbed.

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I’ve been noticing succulents everywhere now that I’m aware they exist. I know for a fact that my future home will be covered in these pretties. They simply make me happy. Plants remind us that beautiful, lively things exist beyond the temporary cold weather and dreary skies during the winter. Plus, fun fact fellow students: succulents help you work better.

A number of studies show that both students and workers study better in the presence of plants. Similar to being in nature, being around plants improves concentration, memory and productivity. Try it for yourselves!

For starters, succulents are super low maintenance and fairly priced.  All they need is water, a nice pot and a touch of sunlight. Heck, you can have a double-digit number of succulents and it would still be considered a normal and manageable thing, unless you have limited window space, like my room at school.

Your life may be hectic and you may have a lot going on, but I guarantee, succulents are tiny enough to fit into your life. If you’re like me and can’t get a pet, don’t feel bad.  Succulents are the cutest little things. Although you can’t necessarily pet and snuggle with them, when it comes to happiness, they won’t let you down!


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