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True Imagination: Clothing Edition

It can be so difficult to restrain yourself when shopping. We’ve all experienced it; you’re walking through the mall – convinced that you won’t buy a single article of clothing – when suddenly a shirt catches your eye. You know what I mean: the shirt that would complete EVERY outfit. The shirt that makes your heart soar. However, it would be shameful to purchase the shirt without a new pair of pants and a new set of sneakers. Before you know it, you’re happily strolling to the car, bags in hand and a hole burned in your pocket. 

That was then, and sadly, this is now. Being college students, we cannot afford this lifestyle. However, in the few hours of sleep that college kids attain a night, we can sure dream. And on the off-chance that sleep does occur, here are the items I hope to wake up to. 

Image retrieved from official Nike website.

Imagine, Cindy Lou Who-esque dreams of sugar plums and fairies, except the sugar plums are the beautiful Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low shoes. However, I am not dreaming of the traditional white color that so many people sport. My attention is drawn to the buttery texture of the orange pair. They are a statement piece, especially with the fall colors. 

Image retrieved from Mytheresa website.

If sugar plums are Air Force 1 shoes, then the fairies are delivering an “Off-White” belt. In all its glory, the “Off-White” industrial belt is not something to wear lightly. With camouflage pants, this belt is THE accessory of dreams. A$AP Rocky would be proud.

Image retrieved from official Versace website.

Roll out the red carpet ladies and gentlemen; this college student’s dream is coming to an end. If I woke up next to these circular Versace sunglasses, I might just have a heart attack. Sitting at over $200, these sunglasses provide the ideal mixture between vintage and upscale. What I wouldn’t give…  

Maybe next time you manage to get some rest, you won’t have nightmares about student loans, but instead, you will dream about your red carpet debut. 

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