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Top Three Fits [March ’19]

Here it is, whether you want it or not, the first of many – my top three outfits of the month! I’m not trying to say I know everything about trends and fashion. I love learning about other people’s personal style to help mine grow and expand. Sharing my top three favorite outfits each month will hopefully give you a new perspective or inspiration for a new combination to try. Enjoy! Plus, there’s a bonus outfit from a photoshoot I did with a friend who is a talented photographer.

I have been a sucker for this buffalo plaid pattern for years, so when I found this shirt recently I was thrilled. This pattern gives me slight gingham vibes, which is heavily associate with spring, so it felt like an appropriate transition piece for a mid-March day.

I was feeling pretty sassy this day apparently. I think my sassy persona is a badass biker chick. Regardless, you can’t beat a good denim tuxedo paired with a cool belt. Also, these boots were worn with the previous outfit too. They are so comfortable, and they go with every outfit.

The long coat trend started this past fall, but I never got around to buying one until January. Once the temperature warmed up a little bit, I finally got to wear this coat. It’s not super warm, so it’s definitely a style piece as opposed to a functional one. I found the belt at a Goodwill, and it reminded me of wicker furniture (a trendy topic in the interior décor world right now) which I love.

This bonus outfit was worn for a photoshoot with a friend, Sean, who is a talented photographer (check him out on Instagram @yuan.1990). The concept was basically a girl being stood up at a diner, and it was so much fun! I love doing photoshoots because they give me a chance to put together an outfit that is more editorial (one that I wouldn’t wear on an everyday basis). I wasn’t sure if I would like the red shirt with the emerald green pants, but I think the outfit turned out great!

I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for next month’s instalment. 

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