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Top Swimsuit Trends of Summer 2017

Finals Week is just around the corner, and with that means summer break is fast approaching! Buying a bathing suit can sometimes be stressful because of all the different styles on the market, which can make it hard to pick out a suit that speaks for you. The number one rule when buying swimwear is to try it on before you buy anything. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on new swimwear, taking it home to try it on, and realizing it doesn’t flatter your body shape. Different swimwear styles will look good on different body types so spend a bit of time finding a shape that suits you!

Here are just a few styles that will be sure to be the most popular of the season.

Whether it be a bikini or a one-piece, you will see this popular clothing trend turned into a bathing suit. You can find them within any price range and they’re perfect for lounging on the beach.

(Above: Free People)

(Above: Target)

2. High Waisted
This is a personal favorite of mine and I find that it is flattering on any body type! This type of bathing suit is perfect for when you want to be active while wearing it, whether that’s water sports or a game of beach volleyball. If you want to show your summer body off a bit more, why not check out a thong bikini bottom instead? It’s completely up to you which shape and style swimwear you want to wear this summer and luckily, you have plenty of options to choose from!


3. One Piece Statement Suits
These could be called the graphic tee of the beach. They tend to be a little bit less revealing than a bathing suit, but still show off personality and humor with what is written on it. They’re great if you want to cover your body up a bit but still want to catch a tan! You can get one piece swimsuits with all kinds of slogans written on them so shop around to find one that you love! Or if slogans aren’t your thing, you can find plenty of swimsuits in vibrant colors and patterns, and if you check out places like Hermoza before you go on vacation, you could find some luxury swimwear all for a discounted price, especially if you have a look at their Black Friday deals. Regardless of your taste in swimwear, you are bound to find something that you’ll love; you just need to take your time.

(Both suits: Free People)

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