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Top Coffee Shops in Athens

I often find myself on a chilly day cooped up in my room with nothing more to do than watch Netflix. And while I really value those lovely, laid back days, I need a place to escape. Generally speaking, I love food and a pretty, calm environment. That obviously means you can most likely find me in some of the various coffee shops on campus. These are my favorite cafes listed from best to worst and why.

1. Brenen’s Coffee

The selection at Brenen’s is fantastic! They not only sell coffee and pastries, but they have an awesome selection of sandwiches and snacks as well. I’ve found Brenen’s is a nice place to hang with friends. They have my favorite coffee by far on campus (try a Nutty Irishman)! They also have a punch-card (which I have used completely), but are a little bit more pricey than that of Court Street Coffee. Support an alumni!.

2. Donkey Coffee

Donkey takes my number two spot solely based off of its super laid back vibe. Its interior has kind of an intricate layout, but when you walk in it just looks and feels so mellow. Not to mention their products are great as well. Not too pricey. And again, supporting local business is great.

3. Court Street Coffee

Court Street has pretty awesome coffee drinks, pastries and smoothies. In my personal preference, I do feel a little put off by the sit-down vibe in the shop, but they have plenty of room and a cute set-up. The prices here beat that of the other cafes in my opinion. It’s a great stop when you’re on the move and need to grab a quick drink.

4. Catalyst

Catalyst takes my number four spot. Before you anticipate why, it’s because I have only heard about it and have not yet tried it. I wanted to include it on my list because I feel inclined to support this local business as well, and I know it is well-liked by some friends who have been repeat customers! I cannot give my complete discretion on this location, but of course, coffee is coffee.

5. Starbucks

My number five spot is Starbucks. While I do like this chain coffee company, it is hard for me to justify spending a large amount of money on corporate coffee knowing there are small cafes with coffee just as good that support local people.


Even if you aren’t currently a student at OU, you are now aware of some pretty awesome coffee and hangout places to check out when you’re around Athens. Don’t forget how important it is to support small, local business. You’ll be helping out your community while enjoying a delicious coffee or tea drink.

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