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Top 5 Female Instagram Accounts to Follow

  1. @laisdeleonfitness
Photo from Instagram

I remember Lais being one of the first fitness accounts I followed on Instagram. I have even purchased products from the brand NLA For Her that she is a representative for, such as the whey protein powder. Two years ago, I went to the Arnold Classic fitness expo in Columbus, Ohio to meet her at the NLA For Her kiosk. When I met her, she was friendly and even complemented my legs! I was definitely caught off guard in the moment and felt so honored. I took a picture with her and she even thanked me for supporting her fitness mission. Her page consists of product promotions and features numerous videos of her exercise routines and training tips. Her videos are easy to follow and she will go through the workout that she decides to feature at a pace the viewer can observe and take notes on. Lais gives a description in the video’s caption to explain the workout! It’s beneficial to anyone – whether you are new to the gym or frequently make the trip there. Those starting out as fitness social media influencers on Instagram, following in the footsteps of Lais, might want to buy instagram views from buzzvoice in order to build up credibility, create an image that shows engagement with their posts, and to be seen more favorably with the platform’s algorithm.

  1. @katyhearnvideos
Photo from Instagram

Obviously, this Insta account is strictly videos! I like it because I know what type of post I will receive on my timeline from Katy. All of her videos are filmed in her very own gym! I think it’s a great way to market her brand and may inspire others to become their own business owners. Her videos demonstrate workout circuits for all different parts of the body. Some of her moves are creative and may help anyone struggling with boredom in the gym!

  1. @nicole_mejia
Photo from Instagram

Nicole is an entrepreneur who created her fitness brand, Fit and Thick. I love her brand because she represents woman who are “thick” and not society’s ideal thin image. She emphasizes that it’s beautiful to have larger thighs and a booty! She has a great online apparel store and also offers workout and meal plans. Nicole isn’t afraid to get personal or let her followers see her awesome personality. I think that it’s a great way to build a brand and promote audience engagement, boosting your account as you would if you were using a site like Sides Media dot com.

  1. @suzie_kb
Photo from Instagram

Suzie’s posts mainly consist of training videos on her page. What i personally love about these is that it’s very clear how to properly perform the workout. Before I head to the gym, I frequently check her page for a workout that pertains to the muscle group I intend on training that day. In addition, Suzie has a good selection of songs that go along with her training videos, which also gives me some new music to listen to while working out.

  1. @toneitup
Photo from Instagram

This is a fire duo! I’ve even watched their Tone It Up series that aired on Bravo TV. Their Insta account lead me to their YouTube channel, which I absolutely love. Simply search Tone It Up and I encourage you to subscribe. Both of the girls, Karina and Katrina, have bubbly personalities and great workouts for a busy girl, like me. Honestly, any type of work out you could possibly want is on their YouTube page. It’s a great resource for those who are beginners of a fit lifestyle, interested in learning more or for the experienced.

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