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Toast Two Times

If you take breakfast as seriously as I do, and skipping the glorious morning meal is out of the question, then this post is for you. I’m sure you’ve all seen a million different variations of spreads and garnishes atop of friendly, crisped slice of gluten, but here are my two favorites. Super easy recipes for those mornings when time is money.

Melted Mozzarella Kale Tomato Toast


1 slice sprouted grain bread
Fresh mozzarella cheese
Baby kale greens
Beefsteak Tomato
Cracked pepper
Himalayan Pink Salt


First, you want to toast your bread and then add an abundance of ooey, gooey, fresh mozz to your toast, then let it melt in the toaster oven until it’s soft and oozing. Then, add your greens, tomato slices, and salt and pepper for flavor and voila! You’ve got yourself a relatively healthy, filling, and delightful kickstart to your day.


End result should look something like this little sinful delight above. If you have the patience to stop eating for 2 seconds, I suggest snapping a photo and sending to friends for the jealously factor.

Also, I was too ravenously hungry to add my favorite topping, hot sauce, to this beauty (Cholula obviously).

and… NEXT!


Avocado Dippy Egg Toast


1 slice sprouted grain toast
1/3 sliced avocado
1 large organic egg
Himalayan Pink Salt
Cracked pepper
Cholula hot sauce


Once you’ve tasted your bread of choice, add sliced avocado to toast and layer it as evenly as possible. Then you want to slather on the hot sauce as you please. Fry your egg while leaving as much dribbly yolk intact as possible. Garnish with your choice of toppings. For mine, I picked fresh cilantro, salt and pepper.


ENJOY and share only if you’re too full to fathom another bite of these savory AM treats!

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