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Tips for Amazing Lashes

Besides a nice, defined brow, I would say that creating perfect lashes is something that I always try to achieve in my makeup ventures. Aside from mascara, there are a few other small tricks you can use to help create your best lashes yet such as using something similar to this simply naked beauty product. I’m going to list some of the steps that I take to achieve long, defined, and voluminous lashes. Of course, using the right mascara is normally the advice that people give, but there are other things that people can do if they want better lashes. For example, many people often find that eyelash extensions are the better option for them. People without long eyelashes may prefer to get extensions as they are applied to make it look like the individual has longer eyelashes, finishing off the whole makeup look. That’s always an option, or people can try our tips below. There is also an amazing cheat when wanting to get the perfect eyebrows., has a great microblading team who will make sure you have the eyebrows you’ve always wanted. Here are some tips to get the perfect eyelashes.


If you don’t curl your eyelashes already, you definitely need to start right now! Creating a curled lash can make shorter lashes appear longer, and longer lashes appear more voluminous. I have tried a few eyelash curlers myself, and drug store curlers work just as well as the high-end versions. It really doesn’t matter which brand curler you have, just as long as you have one!

When using an eyelash curler, I suggest holding the curler down on your lashes for about 5-10 seconds. If you want your lashes to be extra curly, I suggest blowing your hairdryer on your curler for a few seconds before you curl. It’s kind of a weird trick, but whenever I do this, it creates a more dramatic curl that lasts longer when compared to not heating up the eyelash curler. It’s definitely not a must for every day, but for special occasions, it adds something a little extra to your lashes!


I am a firm believer in priming just about anything, and the answer is yes… there are even primers for your eyelashes! I have tried a primer from both Lancome and Dior, and found that my lashes are more voluminous and defined when compared to only using mascara. I do not use primer every day either, only for special occasions. I recently purchased a clear Brow & Lash Gel from The Body Shop, and was experimenting with it as a primer. I found that when I applied the gel before my mascara, my lashes were more separated and appeared to be longer. The best part is that I got this product for around 10 bucks! Seriously a steal.



Now it’s time for what makes the lashes… the mascara, of course. Personally, I use Covergirl Clump Crusher on a daily basis, and it works like a charm. I always get compliments on my lashes, and it’s all thanks to Covergirl. This mascara separates my lashes and offers volume, while giving me little to no clumps. When I feel like splurging however, I always pick up Dior It Lash. The brush is seriously amazing, and my eyelashes always look their absolute best with this mascara.

As far as application goes, I typically apply two coats.. maybe three if I feel like having a super dramatic look. The key to achieving dark lashes is to first apply the mascara on top of the lashes, then on the bottom. This will make both sides of your lashes look dark, instead of just the bottom side. I also recommend using the tip of the mascara wand on the inner and outer corners of your lashes, and also to apply the mascara as close to your lash-line as possible. Seriously, when you start using the tip of the mascara wand for those hard to reach lashes, it makes all the difference!


Hope these tips help with achieving your ultimate lash look!

Until next week,


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