TikTok E-Girl Essentials

Recently, I caved into peer pressure and finally made a TikTok account. I physically cringed at myself while typing that, but here I am with four 15-second videos, digging myself into a hole.

If you aren’t familiar with the app, TikTok is where you post videos of lip-syncs, trends, and just about anything you feel like.

There is already notoriety regarding “e-girls” on the app. I’ve come across quite a few e-girls already with their chains, layered shirts, and little hearts drawn under their eyes. I felt it would only be appropriate, since I clearly am experienced on TikTok, to try and dress like an e-girl!

I realized that I had a lot of clothes that would resemble what an e-girl would wear (I’ll blame my emo phase for that), but I had to narrow it down to a few pieces that I thought would sell the look.

I finally decided on a Dolls Kill cropped long sleeve shirt that was mesh. I bought it a while ago in high school, but only recently started to flaunt it because I have been feeling more confident. I know many e-girls wear long sleeves under their graphic t-shirts, so my mesh shirt worked because of the longer sleeves. To go with my e-girl look, I picked a black t-shirt with the word “VIBES” in cursive writing on the front. I felt it was simple enough to not distract from the mesh sleeves.

Now, I was choosing between two skirts that would go with my look. Originally, I had a black, front-zippered skirt with red checkering on the sides that zip. However, I felt it was too tame for what I was going for. Instead, I opted for a black and white checkered skirt. It was more attention-grabbing and it went better with the white lettering on my shirt. Doc Marten boots were essential for this outfit because they were a great, edgy addition.

To accessorize, I added a chain belt and black velvet choker for a more “goth” look to help me pass as an e-girl. Now, I’m no makeup artist by any means, so unfortunately I couldn’t do the thick eyeliner or the hearts under my eyes, but I felt my style got the message across.

Hopefully I’m doing this e-girl thing right! I hope you all enjoyed watching me attempt this transformation! I’ll see you all next week!