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TikTok E-Girl Essentials

Recently, I caved into peer pressure and finally made a TikTok account. I physically cringed at myself while typing that, but here I am with four 15-second videos, digging myself into a hole.

If you aren’t familiar with the app, TikTok is where you post videos of lip-syncs, trends, and just about anything you feel like.

There is already notoriety regarding “e-girls” on the app. I’ve come across quite a few e-girls already with their chains, layered shirts, and little hearts drawn under their eyes. I felt it would only be appropriate, since I clearly am experienced on TikTok, to try and dress like an e-girl!

I realized that I had a lot of clothes that would resemble what an e-girl would wear (I’ll blame my emo phase for that), but I had to narrow it down to a few pieces that I thought would sell the look.

I finally decided on a Dolls Kill cropped long sleeve shirt that was mesh. I bought it a while ago in high school, but only recently started to flaunt it because I have been feeling more confident. I know many e-girls wear long sleeves under their graphic t-shirts, so my mesh shirt worked because of the longer sleeves. To go with my e-girl look, I picked a black t-shirt with the word “VIBES” in cursive writing on the front. I felt it was simple enough to not distract from the mesh sleeves.

Now, I was choosing between two skirts that would go with my look. Originally, I had a black, front-zippered skirt with red checkering on the sides that zip. However, I felt it was too tame for what I was going for. Instead, I opted for a black and white checkered skirt. It was more attention-grabbing and it went better with the white lettering on my shirt. Doc Marten boots were essential for this outfit because they were a great, edgy addition.

To accessorize, I added a chain belt and black velvet choker for a more “goth” look to help me pass as an e-girl. Now, I’m no makeup artist by any means, so unfortunately I couldn’t do the thick eyeliner or the hearts under my eyes, but I felt my style got the message across.

AFTER : If you do like my tutorial, you can try it out for yourself and post it on TikTok! And, let me know! If you want to further amplify the reach of your videos to a wider audience (and do so at a quicker pace), then maybe consider taking up a TikTok bot account. The strategy might be just what you need!

Hopefully I’m doing this e-girl thing right! I hope you all enjoyed watching me attempt this transformation! I’ll see you all next week!

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