Through the Looking Glass

A bright-eyed, toothless Danielle at the ripe age of six told her classmates to vote for Bush because he was Republican.

In eighth grade I would do the same for McCain when he ran against Obama.

I would spout facts off about both parties and shock my Social Studies teacher with what knowledge I had at such a young age.

I was the girl in political arguments before most of my friends took interest in the political process.

I was told I had to go into politics and I wanted to.

I wanted to be a political journalist and learn Arabic so I could travel and document what was going on.

As I grew up, I began learning things about the world that made me fearful. I kept my interest in politics on the conservative side until I graduated high school.

Then, I began to realize the world isn’t as peachy keen as I once thought it to be.

I had things happen to me where I realized that the system wasn’t in my favor.

I changed my views from what I was raised on, but haven’t changed as a person.

love my friends with different viewpoints because I shared their ideology for years and understand every point they make when we discuss politics.

respect that they are passionate about their beliefs, just as I would hope they feel about mine.

love hearing their viewpoints because it broadens my horizons.

want to learn as much as I can because it helps me understand.

This is the beginning.

No matter what side you’re on, please know you’re a human with a beating heart and feelings.

We will need one another more than ever the next few months, maybe even the next few years.

Love one another always.

Danielle Donavan