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Thrift Trends: The Slip Dress

By Abby Blose

Staff Writer

Throughout history, slip-dresses have been unavoidable. In fact, slips were a part of women’s everyday wardrobes dating back to the Middle Ages. However, as time progressed, this form of underwear became outerwear. Since then, the slip dress has become a closet staple. The reasoning lies in the versatility of the style. A slip dress paired with sneakers results in a casual, comfortable look. Then, there’s the slip dress with a blazer, putting a whole new twist on business casual. One of my favorite slip styles is as simple as throwing a t-shirt on under the dress.

The slip dress is also possibly the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever worn. The loose fit makes the look breathable. The thin spaghetti straps make for a year-round piece. Wearing a slip dress in the summer doesn’t cause discomfort and layering one in the winter is just as appealing. With numerous lengths, materials, and necklines, the styles are endless.

Since the slip dress has been around for as long as second-hand stores, they are readily available to buy at almost any thrift store. In fact, vintage night slips as everyday dresses have become a thrift trend. The ’90s cowl neck has also come into play as an elegant slip dress. With numerous patterns from a diverse array of decades, thrifting a unique slip dress is almost a guarantee.

So, now I pose the question: keep shopping or start dropping? My answer is obvious — keep shopping! The slip dress has been an important part of fashion culture for centuries and isn’t going away any time soon. From underwear to outerwear; from casual to classy; there is no avoiding the slip dress.

Bio: My name is Abreanna (Abby) Blose. I am a freshman studying journalism: news and information at Ohio University. In my free time, I love writing, reading, and painting. I also spend a little too much time at thrift stores. Through upcycling fashion, I am able to physically express myself. One day, I hope to pursue a career in which I can produce news and share information on a national level. 

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