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Thrift Trends- Low Rise Jeans: Keep Shopping or Start Dropping?

By Abby Blose

Staff Writer

2000s trends are reviving themselves, but is it for better or worse? As people on the internet post their thrift hauls, one item has questionably reappeared: low-rise jeans. 

While Britney Spears proudly represented low-rise jeans since the beginning of her career, it is easily arguable that she is the only one that can do it successfully. While the trend was widely accepted in the early 2000s, now that we have other options available, it is my belief that we should refrain from allowing their return. But it may be too late. 

Wearing low-rise jeans takes a great deal of confidence— and if someone can do it, I give them credit. Most recently, J. Lo, Dove Cameron, and Willow Smith are a few celebrities seen wearing low-sitting denim. My biggest complaint about the look lies not in the physical appearance, but the functionality. The way these jeans sit at one’s hips means bending or sitting down can be a revealing disaster. In the end, they are just not practical or comfortable.

While these jeans are flattering and sexy on any body type, I still (along with many others) can’t help but feel negatively towards these low-sitting jeans. Take a minute to google “low rise jeans.” It is quite obvious the popularized styles are most popular and displayed by a very specific body type: thin. With a wide range of beautiful bodies, the pressure to look thin in low-rise jeans is simply a bummer. The early 2000s displayed the same type of pressure, which caused a whole generation to be self-conscious of their bodies with the specific style. 

Overall, I will NOT be thrifting low-rise jeans any time soon. I say, with my fingers crossed, between the toxicity and discomfort, I can only hope that thrifted low-rise jeans fade into the hole that they crawled out of. So, do as you please. It is important that everyone loves themselves and their unique styles, but I say start dropping the unfortunate trend of low-rise jeans. 


My name is Abreanna (Abby) Blose. I am a freshman studying journalism: news and information at Ohio University. In my free time, I love writing, reading, and painting. I also spend a little too much time at thrift stores. Through upcycling fashion, I am able to physically express myself. One day, I hope to pursue a career in which I can produce news and share information on a national level. 

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