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Thrift Trends: Keep Shopping or Start Dropping?

By Abby Blose

Staff Writer

Shopping secondhand is both economically and environmentally friendly. With the rise of Depop and other reselling apps, thrifters go shopping knowing exactly what they want to come home with. And while I love thrifting, I don’t always love the trends that come with it. Let’s get one thing straight— just because I can’t get on board with a thrift trend doesn’t mean someone else can. Everyone has different styles that come with differing perspectives. Fashion is a form of self-expression!

So, this week, let’s talk about corsets. The idea of wearing underwear as outerwear has definitely started growing on me. Typically, corset tops can be found in the intimates or the tank section of thrift stores. While I love corsets, there is one major rule I set for myself in terms of purchasing and styling these pieces: not too medieval; not too Halloween-y. 

By medieval, I am referring to the corset tops that are either leather or have excessive lace up the front. By Halloween-y, I am referring to any corset top that looks like it’s straight from a costume (unless shopping for a literal costume). A corset top in itself is a brave choice. By adding too much sparkle or bright colors, it becomes tacky.

Many critics claim corsets can’t be tops; I totally disagree! Corsets look great styled over loose-fitting or button-up dresses, or even with a pair of jeans. If I could go back in time and wear a corset under a blazer for a high school prom, I totally would. In my opinion, corsets are instant confidence boosters: improving posture and highlighting natural features. I love to see lace or floral! If I spot a lace or floral corset top in the thrift store, my heart skips a beat and my wallet flies open. 

Overall, I say keep shopping. While there are definitely some styles of corsets I prefer over others, finding and wearing the ideal one can be a major confidence boost. So, what’s your opinion: keep shopping or start dropping?

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