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Three Ways to Cuff Your Favorite Jeans

Hello friends, and happy Saturday! Let’s talk about jeans. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re honestly some of the most versatile and fun pants to wear. Personally, I love to cuff my jeans in different ways depending on the style of the jean and the outfit itself.

I’m going to share with you all a couple of tricks that make the same pair of jeans stand out a little differently every time you wear them. Take a look:

The Fold-Over Cuff (Extra Large)

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The fold-over cuff is one of my favorites because it’s simple, stylish, and timeless. All you have to do is fold your jeans up into a cuff as large as you like. This is the perfect cuff to use when you’re wearing strappy sandals or heels. It’s super quick and tasteful!

The Double-Roll Cuff

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This cuff is definitely the most common way to cuff your jeans. It’s timeless, easy, and elegant. Simply roll your jeans twice up your leg. Some people like to straighten them out so that they match, while others, like myself, prefer to mess them up a little so they’re uneven. Either way, this look is incredible.

The Half-Tuck or Messy-Roll Cuff

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The half-tuck or messy-roll tuck is probably the cuff that’s the most fun. Although this looks a little complicated, it’s really not. Start with a large roll (pictured above), then fold your jeans up again to meet the top of the first cuff. Pull the end of the first long cuff up to mess up the ends a little bit for a fun and fresh look.

Happy cuffing! P.S. This is just a little reminder that we’re officially halfway through the semester now. Support your friends, flaunt your fashion, and let’s finish this semester strong! Have a beautiful homecoming, and I’ll catch up with you all next week.

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