Managing Editor

Helloooo everyone! My name is Alicia and this is me! I’m managing editor for Thread, which has introduced me to the incredible world of blogging and web design! In my spare time, I write for my personal styling blog, Stylishly Good Vibes. Thread inspired me to start my own blog, which I’m forever thankful for! When I’m not being a workaholic, you can find me watching the History Channel, sitting outside reading a book, or eating tortilla chips.


I’m Michelle, the editor-in-chief of Thread! I’m a senior and have been a part of Thread for four years. When I’m not obsessing over the latest issue of Vogue or scrolling through my favorite style blogs, you can probably find me binge-watching Netflix. I’m also majorly addicted to pizza and cotton candy flavored ice cream

Features Editor

I’m Kayla: Thread Features editor and senior studying magazine journalism. When I’m not writing or editing, I’m working as a barista and perfecting my latte art skills. In my (sparse) free time, I enjoy watching the last episode of Friends and crying tears of coinciding joy and heartbreak.

Business Manager

Hey, I’m Alex Warner, Business Manager for Thread! I’m a senior studying journalism with a specialization in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. I’ve loved writing and editing for as long as I can remember, and I’ve recently discovered a new love for the use of the oxford comma. In my spare time, I’m watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and obsessing over all things Paris. You’ll never find me writing without a Diet Coke in hand.

Who, What, Wear Editor

Privet! I’m Courtney, the Who, What, Wear editor this year and I’m studying journalism while thinking about pursuing a minor in Russian. When I’m not floating around the internet looking up creepy user-generated stories, I’m most likely watching Netflix and counting down the days until “Rick and Morty” season three comes out. You can probably catch me walking down Court Street with a face that says “don’t talk to me or I’ll kill you,” but I swear, I’m 100 percent approachable.

Copy Chief

I am a junior studying journalism and Spanish. When I’m not obsessing over whether or not to use the Oxford comma, I can be found singing in Women’s Ensemble, acting with the Lost Flamingo Theatre Company, or binge watching any and all shows from HGTV. In the future, I would like to work for a magazine as a writer or editor, but I would honestly be happy in any job where I can make people laugh.

DIY Editor

I’m Paige, the DIY editor and a senior studying journalism and women’s, gender and sexuality studies. When I’m not busy crafting or pretending to be a chef, I enjoy reading, hiking, practicing yoga and napping. You can find me uptown chugging coffee and acting like I have my life together.

Design Director

My name is Sarah Blankenship and I am the design director! I am a publication design and journalism double major. Thread has been such a learning experience for me the past three years and I’m super excited about being on exec for my senior year. I hope that my portfolio pieces from Thread will lead me to design at some awesome fashion magazine after graduation.

Photo Editor

Hey, what’s up, hello. I’m a senior studying commercial photography with a minor in marketing, a certificate in European Studies, and a French specialization. I’ve been involved in Thread since my first semester here at OU, making this my fourth year on the staff. I’ve shot a variety of stories, including DIY, feature stories, and middle of the book shoots. I now hold the Photo Editor position. My favorite thing about Thread is the mentorship between the older and younger students; it’s amazing how much you can learn from your peers.

Creative Director

I am a senior who is studying communications/fashion retail merchandising in the BSS program and minoring in studio art. I’ve been a part of Thread magazine for all four years that I’ve been an Ohio Bobcat. My family (shoutout to you, Mom & Dad) resides in Powell, OH which is right outside of Columbus but I plan on moving to the East or West coast after I graduate. I’m very addicted to Harper’s Bazaar and online shopping. If I’m not styling a photo shoot, I’m probably eating tacos or making playlists on Spotify.

Seams Editor

Hey everyone! My name is Katie Pittman, and I’m the Seams editor this year. I’m studying Journalism News and Information and Spanish. I love to travel, and I’m trying to complete one study abroad each year I’m here at Ohio University. So far I’ve been to Costa Rica and Northern Ireland, and Spain is up next on my list. I obviously love fashion, and you’ll hardly ever catch me without my denim jacket on. If you see me around campus, feel free to say hi!

PR Chief

I am a senior at Ohio University studying journalism strategic communication focusing on digital public relations, social media and marketing. Other than promoting Thread, I love catching up on Netflix, reading and writing, outdoor running, and being an obnoxious vegan. I am also slightly obsessed with fashion, makeup products and my cat.

Photo Chief

I’m a junior in the Commercial Photography program here at OU. I picked up my first camera in middle school and now I’m lucky enough to be making a career out of it. When I’m not taking pictures I’m either eating fried rice or attempting to play tennis. And when I’m not in Athens you can probably find me in my favorite place in the world— Louisville, Kentucky.

Campus Casual Editor

Hey, I’m Kenyetta Whitfield! I’m a junior journalism major also obtaining a WGSS certificate. My passions include pop culture, social justice and activism. When I’m not working on Thread, you can find me watching copious amounts of HGTV or “Bob’s Burgers” and live-tweeting it all.

Video Chief

Hi, I’m Carley! I am a sophomore studying media with a focus in screenwriting and producing. I am also working on a minor in film so maybe one day I can make my own movies! My favorite things include shooting video, my cat named KitCat, and Thread Magazine of course.

Digital Engagement Assistant

Hi, I’m Madison!  I’m a junior studying strategic communications with a minor in marketing.  Kate Spade, Pinterest, cats and shoes are some of my favorite things.  If I’m not online shopping or scrolling through Instagram, I’m probably reading the latest issue of Vogue.  I love finding ways to incorporate high fashion into my everyday life.

Fashion Month Coordinator

I’m a senior studying news and information journalism with specializations in history and women’s studies. Three timeless styles that inspire me are pearls, polka dots, and pleats (spoiler: I’m wearing all three!) This is my second year with Thread and this year I have the privilege of being the Fashion Month Coordinator! If you see me smiling it’s probably because I just saw a dog.

Web Editor

My name is Kayla and I’m the Web Editor for Thread! I’m a senior journalism major with specializations in web design and political science. Writing is life, and I hope to someday be the next Maya Angelou or Alice Walker. Though I’ve spent most of my college days wishing I was in bed, my hobbies include poetry, cartoons and winged eyeliner.