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Thoughtful Ideas for Your Valentine This Year

Whether we accept Valentine’s Day as a valued holiday or a scam that obligates us to show our love in material form, it exists, and it’s almost here. Personally, I think Valentine’s Day can still be celebrated in a cheap, thoughtful, and memorable way that shows our loved ones that we appreciate them.

Make Them a Playlist

Most people in this world relate to and appreciate music on some level. Make a playlist of songs you know they love, songs that make you think of them, or songs that the two of you share an appreciation for. Whoever you make this for will love to see how much effort you put in, and they’ll definitely be satisfied with the gesture. Bonus: Make this a tradition!

You can name the playlist something special to the two of you (e.g. an inside joke, etc.) or even something cheesy and sweet (which can honestly be a joke in itself).

Play Tourist in Your Own Town

Look at the town you live in with fresh eyes. A town like Athens may become seemingly dull after some time, but an easy way to revamp your view is to pretend that you’re a tourist. Where would you want to go if you were only in Athens, Ohio, for one day? Take your loved one along with you, and plan a day of fun, cultural, tourist adventures. If you’re not sure what to do, ask around or even Google tourist ideas for your town. Sometimes this can be even more fun than going somewhere extravagant.

Visit local shops, eat at local restaurants, live the full tourist life, and bond over your new discoveries.

Wine and Chocolate Tasting

Wine and chocolate (a fantastic and classy combo, may I add) are a tasty treat and a romantic way to get wine drunk and giggly with your loved one. Many forums and websites online give great information about which chocolates and wines taste best together. Find out what kind of wine and chocolate are your loved one’s favorite and make your choices based on that! It may also be beneficial to look up snacks that pair well with the wine that you choose.


Homemade Snacks and Themed Night

What’s their favorite movie, game, show, etc.? Make a little night themed around that! Make (or buy, if that’s more your style) food that is special to that show or movie, or find out their favorite part or episode and recreate it. The key here isn’t perfection, but it is to show that you put thought into it and that you clearly recognize and care about what they enjoy.

A popular example of this may be a Harry Potter-themed movie night with themed snacks!

Valentine’s Day isn’t so much about gifts and extravagant gestures as it is showing the people you love that you are mindful of your love for them and genuinely value who they are and what they enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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