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This Spring is Scarves

Scarves are back and they are everywhere! I am loving this trend. I remember as a kid I always wanted to have super long hair like Rapunzel. I would tie long, flowy scarves around my ponytail and pretend it was my hair. Of course, the thin, floral scarf trend went away for a while…but it is popping back up in unique new ways! Stores are already promoting their looks for this spring and retro, silk, brightly colored, and floral scarves are definitely trending.

This trend has been a go-to for me. Tying a silk scarf around my hair feels playful, elegant, and unique. I AM LOVING IT! Here are a few ways to style your scarf this spring!

Around your neck

It doesn’t have to be cold out for you to accessorize with a scarf around your neck.

  1. Try tying it loosely around the neck
  2. Tie it tighter and higher
  3. Tie it bandit style for a more Coachella vibe!

In your hair

Maybe you are like me and love pretending to have long flowy hair…try tying a scarf around your ponytail, or around a top knot bun. You can be extra fancy and try braiding it into your hair. This looks SO cute and bohemian.

Here are two scarves and two hairstyles I have been loving, and my adorable friend with the braid! 🙂

On your purse

I think this looks so chic! I saw this many time on the runway. Grab a simple purse, and add some texture by tying a scarf around one of the handles. This adds such femininity and elegance.

As a headband

For some reason, Spring is always the time I enjoy wearing headbands, especially floral! There is just something so fun about throwing in a cute hair accessory to freshen and brighten up the look! I think the warm weather plays a part in this 😉

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