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The Ultimate Role Model

Ashley Graham, 28-year-old American model, has cannonballed into the media over the course of the last year, and for so many women it is a victory. Graham is known for her appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue. This was more than just a magazine cover, it was a movement toward female empowerment.

After the Sports Illustrated issue released, Graham continued to build her career, starring in the music video for DNCE’s Toothbrush, alongside heartthrob Joe Jonas. She was also a part of NYDJ’s Fit to Be campaign.

The world is obsessed with the amazing role model that Graham is, and she has started to gain a large following of both men and women that adore her powerful persona. But, as one becomes a recognized public figure, internet trolls find a way of burrowing themselves into the media.

When Graham posted this selfie on Instagram, looking absolutely incredible in a white skirt and crop top, she became the target of immature internet trolls.


Graham’s response to the haters? “At the end of the day, I’m good enough for me.

Your body is yours to accept and to love. Graham exemplified this through her strong opposition to those that commented on the above Instagram. She made it clear that it was her body and no one else’s.

Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and they are all beautiful and strong. As women, we should be building each other up every single day. Learning to accept other people’s bodies is just as important as accepting your own.

Thank you, Ashley Graham, for being the ultimate role model.


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