The Trendiest Ways to Wear a Sweater This Fall

We’ve been waiting for it, we’ve been pleading for it, we’ve even been begging for it. But now that it’s here, we’re going to have to figure out how to deal with it. It seems that this year we went from 90 degrees and sunny to 40 and cloudy in mid-October in a matter of a day. We may have skipped most of fall, but we need to make sure that we are as stylish as we can be while staying warm as the leaves turn orange.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a reason that it’s called sweater weather, and that’s because it is the perfect garment to wear on these cool fall days. Too cold for a t-shirt, too warm for a jacket- the sweater is the perfect in-between. These perfect in-betweeners are warm, and better yet there are hundreds of styles to choose from. Here are our top styles for the fall of 2018.

Chunky: Nothing keeps you warmer than layers and layers of fabric, and nothing does layers of  yarn better than chunky sweaters. As the temperatures drop, these will rise in popularity! Always keep your eye out at thrift stores and retailers for the best chunky sweaters.

Cropped: Stay cute and cool for those days when a sweater is perfect in the morning, but scorching by late afternoon. Cropped sweaters can show off your figure and personality, being an easy DIY for anyone. Just make sure that if you do it yourself, you don’t cut it too short.

Argile: This trend has always been around, and always will continue to be. Looking old school has never been more cool than in the fall months with an argyle sweater. Keep it classy and keep it preppy all fall.

Striped: Spongebob knows it, we all know it – the best time to wear a striped sweater is all of the time! And the absolute perfect time to wear a striped sweater is in the fall! With all of the muted colors, you need to make sure that you pop!

Off The Shoulder: Cute and comfy with a dash of uniqueness. Any off-the-shoulder sweater will be an eye-catcher! Warm, but keeps you cool enough to show off your style.

 Whatever you wear this fall, just know that it should be completely, and undoubtedly- YOU!


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