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The Time To Be Grateful



Just like that, it’s December and I’m almost a second semester sophomore in college. Where has the time gone … It’s true, college flies by even faster than high school. I turned 20 years old on Tuesday, and as a matter of fact, I do feel older this year. Slightly because I’m the baby in my family and 20 officially checks me out of my teens, but I also confirmed a big girl internship.

After a couple months of applying, I’m happy to say I’ll be interning with Steve Madden this coming summer in NYC! Goes to show that a little hard work starts paying off sooner rather than later. So for starters, I’m super thankful for everyone who continuously supports and pushes me towards my goals!


With one week of school left before heading home for winter break, us college students tend to stress out to the max, with all the exams and last-minute grade negotiations we have going on. Well, although this is common, it’s important to take time to think of everything you’re grateful for this time of year.

I sat down today and made a quick little list of immediate things that came to mind.  Even the smallest things make me appreciate the life I have and the people I’m surrounded by.

Here’s my list:

  1. Sincere Friendships– ladies & gents, you know who you are
  2. Pi Beta Phi – Friday morning brunch
  3. My Horoscope App – check it religiously
  4. Coffee & Avocado Toast – NOOOOM
  5. A Good Laugh – laugh ’til you cry type of laugh
  6. Art – all art expression, but specifically dance
  7. Good Health – A semester free of mono and deadly viruses
  8. College – unlimited freedom and experiencing new things every day
  9. Real Life Conversations – face-to-face communication
  10. Christmas Movies – “The Holiday” is my favorite
  11. Sunny Winter Days – keep me out of the blues
  12. Great Music – The Weeknd’s new album
  13. Handwritten Notes & Cards – I save every single one!
  14. My Beautiful Family & Boyfriend – I love you
  15. Retail Sales & Clearance – because you’re basically SAVING me money …
  16. When Your Professor Curves the Exam – understood
  17. A Night In – eh emmmm, hello introverts, I see you, I understand you
  18. The Cold Side of the Pillow – everyone knows the satisfaction
  19. Flowers – what girl doesn’t love fresh blooms
  20. Individuality – personable people and owning who you are

There’s something to be said for the rare moments throughout the day that make you smile or boost your mood. It’s the ordinary things that make life extraordinary, isn’t it?



  • rib knit cutout sweater from DO+BE
  • skinny jeans from American Eagle
  • fringe purse from Free People
  • ankle boots from Madewell
  • earrings from Anthropologie

img_7965 img_8039

Thank you for reading this semester & have a wonderful holiday break!


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