The Rook | Over The Rhine

Over the weekend I made a wonderful discovery! There’s a magical little place in Cincinnati packed wall to wall with board games, drinks, and delicious eats.



The Rook OTR is a bar dedicated to your favorite games from childhood classics to those touchy-subject card games.



Upon entering it’s hard to miss the giant library-like wall with colorful boxes stacked from floor to ceiling. The employees are full of life and very friendly but allow you to pick your own table and game of choice!


IMG_0568Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 6.36.48 PM

Images: | @jessannlucas instagram

We started out with Cards Against Humanity and ended with Sorry. The pretzel nuggets and beer cheese are a must! The laid back atmosphere is definitely a unique touch and the collection of nearly 1,000 board games puts you at a loss for words.

Next time you’re in Cincy, stop by The Rook for a round of your favorite game (and drinks)! You won’t be disappointed.

Check it out here!