The Process of Layering


It is crazy how quick a trend can change within months, even weeks at some points. It gets a bit difficult trying to stay up to date with the new trends while incorporating your own style. It’s as if you love a new style trend and want to change your whole wardrobe, but you’re a broke college student on a budget. At times it can be annoying. However, there is always something in your closet or a friend’s closet that you can mix and match to create an amazing look. Layering is a crucial aspect when it comes to fashion and styling this time of year.


One of my favorite things about the cool weather is being able to layer your clothes. There are many different looks you can get with an outfit by layering it. From just a tank top and a cardigan, to a cute sweater with a vest, it goes a long way. My favorite look has to be a plain oversized t-shirt with a knot in it to tie it up, an oversized cardigan and some leggings.


You can easily go from wearing just a t shirt with jeans and add a flannel or leather jacket over it to change the whole look. Another huge aspect in layering an outfit is accessorizing. Adding a fun bag or a cute pair of shoes to an outfit can make it look completely different. This finishes your look if you’re feeling as though it needs a little something extra.


As Athens is going from 40s in the morning to 60s in the afternoon, remember layering is the key to a stylish and comfortable look for fall.