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The Power Of Words

How often do you hear someone ask “how are you?” and how often is the response back “good and you?” The question is almost always a time filler or a way to generate social comfort. In many instances, we say these things thinking the answer is a short “fine,” when in actuality the answer may not be so simple; it’s much more possible to be better than fine, or not so fine at all. I’m starting off this blog with the encouragement that when you ask someone, “how are you?” that you actually put compassion behind the words you’re speaking. Gently inquire and listen.

“The Power of Words” is the title of the blog this week because I needed the reminder that our words have big meaning. Thank you Jesus, I have never experienced great life trouble, but I have experienced some let downs and setbacks. Oftentimes, it may be difficult to reach out for help or have the courage to talk to others. I am here to encourage you to reach out to someone you trust. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Talking through experiences allows us to escape from the dangers of isolation. Isolation allows for lies to fill the mind, causing self doubt and confusion.

I want to stress that while talking is beneficial, the process of voicing our thoughts also has a great significance in our lives. Words are so powerful and meaningful. They can lift someone up or tear them down; the lack of words can also do the same. Personally, I look at this specific topic through a lense, because of my faith I’m striving for my words to be glorifying and pleasing to God. That means my words can either be blessings or cursings. I have noticed that my words need to better reflect the truth I know about Jesus and not the world.

Again, while some of this comes from self reflection, it is a great reminder to put a filter on what you say. The act of gossiping, complaining, bringing others down, hurtful jokes, insensitive comments, and judgement tears us apart as individuals and shows the dark parts of our hearts. Stressing the importance of talking through issues doesn’t mean bring other people’s issues to light. It means that we need to be vulnerable with ourselves, praying, talking with people who can hold us accountable and ultimately changing and growing for the better.

It is super important to use our words to help a cause not hurt one. Being vulnerable about our struggles and seeking guidance will only allow us to grow as human beings. Removing the negativity will also do the same. I hope my own self reflection helps to encourage others. Over next next few weeks examine what comes out of your mouth. Think before you speak and use your communication for good, not evil. Through this we can learn a lot from each other!

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