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The Perfect T-Shirt for Homecoming Weekend

It’s finally that time of year again… HOMECOMING! I am excited to experience my first OU homecoming. The first thing that comes to my mind is what am I going to wear? I’ve been told multiple times that pretty much everyone wears their finest OU gear! Now as exciting as that sounds I really don’t want to wear just a lame t-shirt. Then it came to me, I can cut it!

Now I have cut a lot of t-shirts before and there are many different ways to cut it. I have made t-shirts into tube tops and even halter tops! Pinterest has given me a lot of my inspiration! Some styles end up really cute and some not so much. But hey you live and you learn, right? A big tip I would give anyone who wants to try this out is to always go a size up in the shirt. Depending on which style you choose to do, you can always make the shirt go down a size!

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Here is a Ohio t-shirt I recently cut

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