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The Launch We’ve All Been Waiting For

If you’re a makeup fanatic you’re probably aware of the recent launch that swept not only the nation, but the world. Several weeks ago, Morphe announced its launch with famous social media influencer, James Charles. The company launched the 39B Artistry Palette along with a brush collection all inspired and influenced by James Charles. This blog topic was highly anticipated and although it has been widely discussed, I’m here to give my opinion since receiving my products!

The background for the creation of this product is very interesting. Morphe discontinued their vibrant colored 35B palette and many artists were very upset; James Charles (who has rapidly gained a large number of followers) was particularly vocal about it. The awesome part about the launch was it was somewhat unexpected to the public, so when the news dropped makeup lovers everywhere ate it up. As soon as it went live online I–of course–had to jump on the bandwagon and add it to my collection!

The palette features three different sections: the top two rows for more “everyday” looks, the larger, middle pans are “most-used” colors, and the bottom two rows are vibrant colors used for more “art-inspired, bold” looks. The brush collection features many different blending, packing, face, and eye brushes (including multiples of some), and the Morphe beauty-sponge.

My initial reaction was that the packaging and case for the products were extremely gorgeous! The real tea, though, is the color payoff from the pressed pigments in the bottom two rows of the palette. Despite some negative feedback online, I have been extremely impressed with the colors and the blendability–which was the point of this collaboration. As I’ve said in other blog posts, Morphe is my go-to for eyeshadows and brushes. If you’re in your makeup a lot or doing makeup for others, this brush set is for you! The brush set comes with 34 brushes and a sponge in a hard leather cylinder tub. It is true that the colors do not swatch well on the arm, but when used with a nice eye primer (I use Urban Decay Primer Potion) and applied with brushes, it really does give off the color you see in the pan. As with any shadow or pigment, good blending takes time, and the products, in fact, do blend. My favorite thing about the brush set is the face brushes, the multiple blending brushes, and the dual ended eyebrow brush featured in the set.

Of course, I will include a shot of an unedited eye look I did with the blue section of the palette without any liner or lashes, so you can get the scope of the pigments! While I’m no professional, I do recommend this collection to anyone who really is into makeup. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can find it at Ulta as it has sold out worldwide on the Morphe site. I absolutely love doing product reviews and encouraging readers to try new products, so I’m very excited to be letting you know all about this collection in particular! I think it’s so important to find a creative outlet and makeup is definitely one for me. This collection is a lovely way to “unleash your inner artist.”


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