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The Healing Powers of Meditation

What exactly IS meditation? The practice of meditating is simply transforming your mind and shifting its gears to change for the better. Personal fears, anxieties, hatred, and agony are all feelings created by the mind – something that alters our thoughts, emotions, and ultimately our actions. The good news is you can unlearn any mental or subconscious habit you have created in the past, and develop a deeply rooted emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and strong will. The value of being in touch with your spiritual side can be immeasurable and can even help you to deal with a lot of issues you’re battling within your own prison of thoughts. This article here can help you to see how widening your understanding of matters of faith and the heart can help you move towards a fuller life.

Meditation can be practiced in innumerable different techniques and practices. The most well-known and popular form of meditation being the practice of yoga. I personally love yoga because it allows me to push myself both mentally and physically throughout my body. You do not need to join a lavish club, or have certain gear to participate in yoga – you just need your body, an awareness of your breath, and patience. Aside from yoga, meditation has many other places in your daily life to be practiced. Simply laying down comfortably, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breathing is the easiest way to start your journey to a clearer mind, body and soul.

Benefits of Meditation:

Our mind creates and processes around 60,000 thoughts a day; about half of those are making decisions. With such a cluttered and chaotic mind you can choose to feed into the stress and weight of your thoughts, or choose to filter them before they affect your actions and behavior. Being aware of how these thoughts, and seeing them in a different light is so powerful.

Anxiety Control
When we meditate, the neural connections in our brain weaken; which results in making more rational and relaxed decisions. Anxiety is the result of over-thinking and feelings out of control. The more we meditate, the more accustomed we are to take a step back, focus on our breathing, and then continue to make healthy, level-headed choices. Being overcome with anxiety is something no one should have to endure. A cannabis-filled bubbler pipe used in conjunction with meditation might work effectively.

Forgiving the Past
Failing to make peace with the past causes emotional uprisings that are a mix of stress, anxiety, and anguished insecurities. Meditating helps our minds to let go of anger and unlearn the discomfort associated with it.

Concentration and Creativity Improve
With a negatively crowded mind taking up all the useless and logical head space, concentration starts to lack entirely. When a traumatic or upsetting event happens to you, your brain’s motivation to focus on school and work decline and collapse. Tuning into deep thoughts and self-examination help your brain to flourish with creativity and consolidation.

Quality of Sleep
Over 30% of our population suffers from insomnia; women being twice as likely to be affected. Depression, anxiety, stress, and mental health issues are some of the main reasons why this chronic restlessness occurs. The good news is you can combat it through focusing on breathing and relaxing your mind, in addition to medicinal support such as CBD which you can get from somewhere like Blessed CBD and other retailers. This natural practice helps to wean off and detach from sleeping aids that are more than often habit-forming and potentially at risk for further health issues. Personally, when I am having trouble sleeping and it feels as if I am going to be stuck wide awake until the early morning hours, I try my best to be in tune with my breathing and lay comfortably and still. I then refocus my mind’s attention to one section of my body to the next; making my mind and body connect and be aware of each other. Nearly every time this technique works to slowly tire me out and relax me enough to fall into a deep sleep aligned with my brain waves. Are you living with depression? If so, alongside yoga, it might also be in your best interest to do some research into finding a depression center in your area that can help to make managing your mental health a little easier.

Increase in Energy
Relying on coffee and energy drinks for an energy boost is an expensive and temporary fix that will almost always leave you crashing and feeling worse than before. Start naturally energizing your body by choosing healthy habits in your food and drink choices, and along side that, keep your meditation moving with you no matter where you may be. You’ll be surprised how easily your body can reboot just by staying focused and balanced.

Overall, keep in mind that meditation is a personal practice from within. There is no right or wrong way to accomplish this habit; it is between your body, mind, and soul. Your journey to spirituality and enlightenment start with self-knowledge and acceptance.


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