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The Ebb and Flow of Mental Health

Welcome back, everyone! Just like anything else, our mental health and stability can vary depending on the day. Sometimes outside circumstances affect our emotions, and our entire mood can take a turn with little to no explanation. 

The important thing to remember is that this is normal. You never, ever have to justify or invalidate your feelings. Everyone has rough patches, and you’re allowed to recognize those difficult days and lighten your workload. Take care of yourself before you try to take on more responsibilities so your work will be at its best quality. 

When you find yourself in one of these mental funks, try not to let it consume you. While you need to take the time to better yourself and give yourself time to recover, you cannot drown in those overwhelming emotions. Be upset, cry, lie in bed for one more hour, but don’t make your bad moments worse by wallowing in the current sadness. It’s important to know when to take breaks for your mental health, but it’s just as important to know when to end those breaks and pull yourself out of the funk. Give yourself time but the appropriate amount. 

As always, one of the best practices, when you’re having a hard time mentally, is to talk about it. Letting someone in, validating your emotions, and realizing that you are never alone is powerful. It can be the thing that pulls you from the slump if you make the effort. Talk to your friends, your family, or a professional, but talk to someone. Let people in because chances are, they want to be there for you. 

Remember, feeling down — even for no apparent reason — is perfectly normal and okay. You don’t need to have a reason for your emotions to be valid. Take time for yourself to get better, but know when enough is enough, and talk to people about what’s going on. I hope everyone is able to take time for themselves this week and let themselves feel whatever they are feeling! See you all next time.

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