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The Choice to Live a Fit Lifestyle – Even While Being a Busy Bee

Since my college career began in the fall of 2015, there have been many options of how I could choose to go about each day. Of course I had a class schedule, school organization meetings/projects, and made sure I had time to complete assignments, but setting aside time in my day to hit the gym and break a sweat was always optional.

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For me, working out and eating healthy food is a choice. I want to do what is best for my body. For instance, my friend takes zinc lozenges to help with her immune system and metabolism and she feels like they are beneficial to her and her health journey.

When I’m at the gym, I’m working to reach my personal fitness goals and I find confidence in knowing that I’m finishing a workout in a better place than when I started. That is the aspect I love the most about fitness. Not only is it a personal lifestyle choice, but it has an impact on an individual that’s greater than just physical benefits.

At the end of a workout, I find comfort in knowing that I’m taking care of myself and giving it my all. If you’re looking for motivation, a diet and a fitness regime to abide by while you’re still incredibly busy there are many already created for the average person, no they won’t be personalized to you and make you see the best possible improvements, but you’re still able to keep fit and improve your lifestyle from such health systems like if you put in the work.

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Photo by Macie Moneypenny.

Fitness allows you to begin living a healthy lifestyle at any time. You can wake up one morning and decide you want to head over to the gym. You can start making it a priority to drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat to healthy. You can even start with something as simple as taking the steps instead of the elevator.

Making the choice to live a fit life starts with you! It’s completely what you make of it, and you are in control of your own fitness process. Choosing such a lifestyle has helped me to believe in myself, realize my self-worth, and has shown me that hard work pays off. In my opinion, keeping fit is the key to a good work life balance. You can head to the gym and blow of some steam and feel good about yourself. You could even go before work and start your day off right.

Even with a busy schedule, I make time to invest in myself outside of classes and extracurricular activities. One way I invest in myself is by striving to live a fit lifestyle.

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Photo by Macie Moneypenny.

Here are a several of my own tips on how to start or maintain a fit life as a busy bee.

  1. Set out your workout clothes for the next day before you go to bed. This will serve as a visual reminder to get changed and head over to the gym when you wake up. This tip will come in handy especially for mornings where you have time to go before class.
  2. Keep healthy snacks in your purse or book bag. There have been so many times that I have been in the middle of class or between classes and been hungry. It’s important to fuel your body right to live a healthy lifestyle! I usually carry Cliff bars, Cuties, and almonds in my book bag.
  3. Carry a water bottle at all times! I have a case of water right next to my desk, so before I walk out the door for the day, I grab a bottle of water. If drinking water is hard for you, invest in a stylish/unique water bottle that you would enjoy drinking water out of! It may motivate you to use it more often.
  4. When doing homework, set a timer on your phone that will let you know that it’s time to get ready for the gym. This way, you will have accomplished some homework and can take a mental break from it to clear your mind at the gym!
  5. Use the weekend. Dedicate some of your down time to pick up fresh fruits, veggies and protein sources at the nearest grocery store. Down time is also a great opportunity to write down your personal fitness goals or to create your own workout circuits!
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Photo by Macie Moneypenny.

Remember that fitness is not about perfection! Every day is a new opportunity to make healthy choices and invest in your well being. Trust in the process of a lifestyle that not only benefits you physically, but will strengthen your mind as well! I understand that fitness and healthy eating is everyones choice for a better lifestyle but there are many different ways you can improve your lifestyle, so maybe fitness isn’t for you have a look at this website and see if you like these other lifestyle choices.

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