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The Brains and Beauty Behind “JAcKD UP”

As stated in a previous blog, JAcKD UP is a social enterprise that our dear friends started, and that we most definitely endorse! Since we were so intrigued with the construction of their growing enterprise, Emma and I had the pleasure to sit down with Jane Kardotzke and Jennifer Kash to discuss the raw beauty that comes with the formation of their social enterprise JAcKD UP.

The idea originated from Jane herself, and Jane and Jennifer now work as a team in order to make their mere ideas come to life for the enjoyment of Ohio University students in the Athens area. As they continue to grow their brand, they are constantly making connections with peers to spread the word about who they are, what their message is and what it truly means to them. They even incorporate student-created graphics into their show posters and are currently receiving sponsorships from local establishments like Jackie O’s in order to support talented bands that are traveling long distances just to play in Athens. 

So, you may be wondering “What can be so different about two girls trying to promote their house shows?” The answer is simple: They do it differently, and they do it better. With the vast genres of music (from rap to rock!) that they try to incorporate into their shows, there is no doubt that there is a vibe out there for each individual. 

While continuing to speak with Jane and Jennifer, they emphasized that they want to break away from the cliche DIY house show scene, and create a soothing, welcoming environment where everyone is guaranteed to have an enjoyable time. They’ll even juggle for you; they took lessons!

Their vibe never fails to surprise us, as we also had the pleasure to attend their house show Saturday night. The high energy and good spirits were definitely there as we were so excited to watch our good friends’ band, Judge Russo, perform, as well as the other talented, grateful bands such as Motel Stories and The Emporer’s New Chaz. To emphasize how fun it was, I definitely crowd surfed when I was there. It was amazing. 

Jane and Jennifer’s social enterprise that is growing day-by-day is one of the purest examples of how much you can truly achieve if you put your thoughts and dreams into actions. Music is a language that every individual speaks, and going to their shows has presented us with new business opportunities, friends, as well as memories that Emma and I wish to cherish as we reach the end of our Freshman year at Ohio University.

The amount of effort that OU students put into extra circulars should be nothing but celebrated, so Emma and I completely support the countless hours that Jane and Jennifer put into something they love to do.

The moral of this success story? Go to a JAcKD UP house show! You won’t regret it! To follow Jane and Jennifer and receive updates on pictures from their latest shows and upcoming events, feel free to follow their social media accounts below!



Twitter: @jackdupmedia

Hope to see you fellow music lovers soon. 🙂

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