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The Best Reality TV Shows to Binge Right Now, According to a Reality-TV Lover

Reality TV has been a love of mine since birth (yes, seriously, “Big Brother” started the year I was born… thanks, mom). So let’s dive into the best reality TV shows to start out with!

Love Is Blind

An image of the datings pods from a birdseye view.

This one is fun and actually very different in the reality TV world. The concept follows a group of men and women who both move into a house to find love but cannot see each other. They go on dates and converse with each other in dating “pods.” The way out of the house is to get engaged. The show asks the ultimate question: “Can love truly be blind?” Watching this is truly a whirlwind. Being an audience member, it is quite difficult to put yourself in their place and understand how one falls in love in three days without ever seeing the person they are so infatuated by. It is certainly an interesting watch, and you can find it on Netflix!

Love Island (U.K.)

Keeping up with our love theme, “Love Island” has become a huge pop culture phenomenon not just in the U.K., but here in the U.S. as well. “Love Island’s” premise is basically a bunch of beautiful men and women stuck in a house together, forced to sleep in bed with someone else, and urged to “couple up” with another member of the house. Sure sounds like a recipe for love to me. On a real note, this show is highly entertaining if you love drama and “shipping” relationships. However, there are a TON of episodes in each season, so it’s not one you’ll finish very quickly. Watch it on Hulu!


Though “Cheer” is by far the best of it’s kind, I am no stranger to a cheerleading docuseries. This one is great in its storytelling and insight into the cheerleaders’ lives. If you want to laugh, cry, and break your hand trying to prove to yourself you can try out for Navarro’s team next year, this is the reality show you need in your life. Watch it on Netflix!


This show is another really unique reality TV show concept. In “Encore” we see groups of people who did different musicals in high school come back together as adults to do an encore performance with the help of professionals in the musical world. This show is especially fun if you were in theater at some point in your life. Watch it on Disney+!

The Real Housewives of Orange County

This is the true OG option for all your reality TV cravings. Though most of the “Real Housewives” shows are good, “Orange County” is the first and the best, in my opinion. The drama is never-ending, and it is also interesting to see the “problems” these women face… or don’t face. Watch all seasons on Hulu!

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