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The Best Medicine

Welcome back, everyone! As stresses come to a head during finals week, it can be difficult to keep our mental health in check. It’s completely natural to have bad days, but making ourselves miserable over the last week of the semester doesn’t help anyone! I’m here to remind you all to take some time for yourselves and smile this week, as hard as it can be.

It can be really easy to say that you don’t have time to prioritize yourself, especially during finals week. I completely understand being busy and feeling so overwhelmed that the idea of carving out time for yourself can sound even more stressful than just plowing through work. However, you need to make time for yourself. When you’re working for hours on end, especially in a stressed state of mind, pushing through and continuing is only going to result in poor work anyway. Your brain can get worn out, so you need to give it breaks to breathe in order to come back refreshed and ready to start again. This will help your overall work and mental health. 

When — not if — you’re taking this time for yourself, try to do something silly! Let off some steam, dance around your room to that new song you like, sing into your hairbrush, or jump on your bed. Go crazy, even if it’s only for five minutes. This is such a serious time of the year and it’s all too easy to forget to have any fun. Throw a wrench in that mindset and just act goofy for a couple of minutes; let out that pent up energy! 

Try to laugh this week. It really is the best medicine. You can release some endorphins and lower your stress levels with a simple YouTube video, comedy, or stand-up routine. Even if all you can justify is scrolling through Twitter for a few moments, give yourself the time to laugh. It’s incredibly important to carve out time for yourself; otherwise, you’re just contributing to the problem. 

This time can be miserable for students, but we can all make tiny decisions to lessen the pressure. Make sure to give yourself time, do something silly, and laugh. Only you can get yourself through this hectic time, but you can do it! Try to stay relaxed, everyone, and I’ll see you all next week!

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